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a. fibroadiposo, constituido por tejido fibroso y adiposo.
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Imaging characteristics include a fibrofatty lesion overlying a VM usually located in the calf or forearm (3).
Smaller exclusion annotations were placed around areas omitted from analysis, eg, tissue folds, staining artifacts, regions of fibrofatty tissue, areas of necrosis, among others.
Typical histopathological feature of ARVD is the loss of right ventricular myocardium, replaced heavily by fibrofatty tissue.
Neural fibrolipomas are composed of fibrofatty tissue that surrounds and/or infiltrates local nerves (14).
For instance, there is associated adaptive shortening of the soft tissues, capsular constriction, increased femoral anteversion, acetabular dysplasia, presence of obstructing structures such as the fibrofatty tissue in the acetabulum, hypertrophied ligamentum teres, the transverse acetabular ligament and fixed inversion of limbus.1-4,13,14 Femoral diaphyseal shortening is superior to traction as an aid in operative reduction of DDH in older children.
Although fibrofatty replacement of the right ventricle wall, which is often associated with inflammation, is a main characteristic of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy and associated with sudden cardiac death, research conducted in the past years points to the possible occurrence of fat infiltration without fibrosis also in the normal heart (12).
Normal appearing breasts where the density of breast is completely fatty or fibrofatty or fibroglandular where no direct or indirect evidence of mass, microcalcification or tissue traction noted.
In terms of breast structure, before puberty, there is no gender difference so there is fibrofatty tissue containing ducts with a single lining of epithelial cells surrounded by myo-epithelium.
In mice models, stress-derived prolactin generated fibrofatty cells in the heart, which was prevented with administration of prolactin antagonists [28].
The vessel was evaluated by intravascular ultrasound which demonstrated severe fibrofatty disease in the circumflex (not visualized).
Usually, the duodenum is mobile and well protected in the fibrofatty tissues of the retroperitoneum [4].
Adhesions made up of fibrofatty tissue, between the mass and the caecum, were present.