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1223 Fiber Innovation Technologies--Fiber Division 437 Fibertex Nonwovens A/S 1030 Fibrix, LLC 647 Fibroline France SARL 1045 Firefly AB 333 First Quality Enterprises 2224 Fis Fiber Industries S.
com Contact: Keith White Fibroline France SARL Booth No.
The production process combines two technologies, co-developed with Fibroline of Lyon, France: First, dispersion of PVC dryblend into the cut-glass fibers using an electrostatic field (Fibroline); and then gelation of the PVC dryblend without shearing (SolVin).
Fibroline TM is a French engineering company active in developing innovative industrial solutions for various marketsthanks to its unique technology.
Fibroline TM is not an equipment manufacturer, but is selling its technology in the frame of license agreements.
Fibroline TM has developed and patented a dry impregnation technology (DPreg TM ) that replaces customarily used wet processes in the manufacture of composites and technical textiles.
Jerome Ville Business Development and Sales Manager of Fibroline France SARL at Domotex exhibition.
Another example is Fibroline TM automotive carpet line.
The patented technology was developed by Fibroline Sprl in France in cooperation with IFTH, the French Textile and Clothing Institute.
Powder migration through the mat or foam can be controlled electrostatically to settle in the top, middle, or bottom portion, Fibroline says.
Also installed in the Aadorf facility is now the industrial Prototype of the so-called Fibroline machine, a system to impregnate substrates with powder by means of an alternative electric field.