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[From its fibrous crystals.]


(Building) trademark NZ a type of building board containing asbestos and cement
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Fibrolite axes were identified in the funerary contexts of Tajillo del Moro and Cerro del Comandante, as well as in El Toro cave--although in this instance of more likely Neolithic chronology(Garcia Gonzalez, 2014: 413).
The house we lived in was, not untypically, constructed of a mix of cement, fibrolite, and corrugated iron.
His partner was sick in bed in a small room off the main room of the fibrolite bach and Frank kept popping in there to attend to him.
Floor area squared was also generated; exterior cladding--the houses were grouped into five categories: brick, fibrolite, roughcast, weatherboard, mixed and other; age of dwelling and age squared--the ValBiz[TM] sales database provides the decade in which the house was constructed.