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a. fibromuscular, de naturaleza muscular y fibrosa;
___ dysplasiadisplasia ___.
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The endopelvic fascia is a fibromuscular tissue consisting of fibrin, elastin, and smooth muscle.
When present (73%), the Thebesian valve also differed greatly in its composition, being fibrous, fibromuscular and membranous as well as fenestrated.
4) The cells can extensively infiltrate the surrounding fibromuscular stroma individually or as irregularly clustered collections.
With a septate uterus (Figure 10), a fibromuscular central septum is incompletely resorbed after mullerian duct fusion.
1970) the fibromuscular hypertrophy is followed by an ectopy of the celiac trunk, which was originated some millimeters higher than normal position.
Subjectively, the implant appeared to be completely incorporated into the patient's own fibromuscular layer and was not identifiable as a separate layer.
In our patient there was circumferential narrowing involving post ductal part of descending aorta and similar changes were seen in subclavian and left common carotid artery suggestive of Takayasu Arteritis with fibromuscular dysplasia.
Expansion of lumen ultimately results in cyst formation, with the fibromuscular wall lined by dysplastic mucinous epithelium.
Histologically, the lesion has a fibromuscular wall that is lined by cuboidal epithelium, although, rarely, lesions may be lined with pseudostratified epithelium and cilia.
Asi tambien, el tejido conectivo laxo que rodea a la prostata no constituye una capsula definida, otorgandole a la glandula un aspecto difuso, diferente a la capsula fibromuscular que circunscribe a la prostata del conejo (Vasquez & del Sol) y del hombre (Ayala et al.
Harry Reich, the session's moderator, noted that during endometriosis surgery the diagnosis must be substantiated by microscopic examination of surgically removed nodules showing endometrial glands and stroma surrounded by fibromuscular tissue.
The histopathology showed squamous epithelial lining and subepithelial fibromuscular stroma with areas of hyalinisation suggestive of benign vocal cord nodule.