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n. fibromioma, tumor benigno formado por tejido muscular y fibroso.
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These include fibromyoma, rhabdomyomas, fibromas, leiomyomas and osteomas.
2] Although, aetiology of Abruptio placentae is not fully understood it is generally multifactorial, that is impaired placentation, uteroplacental underperfusion, hypertensive disorder in pregnancy, non vertex presentation, polyhydramnios, IUGR, advanced maternal age, maternal trauma, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, PROM, retroplacental fibromyoma are associated with Abruptio placentae.
In 1901, Minkowski recorded the third case, that of a 43 year old woman with multiple nodules of smooth muscle in the lung and liver, 2 years after a complete hysterectomy for a fibromyoma of the uterus.