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n. fibromioma, tumor benigno formado por tejido muscular y fibroso.
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The monthly formulation of triptorelin is currently marketed in over 80 countries for prostate cancer, endometriosis, fibromyoma, breast cancer and precocious puberty.
The surgeries were completed in 15 categories that included wedge resection of liver, removal of idiopathic cysts from liver, gall bladder surgery, enucleation of the hemangioma of the liver, appendectomy, ovarian cyst removal, removal of the fibromyoma of the uterus, pancreatocystoenterostomy, puncture biopsy of pancreas, pericystectomy, open echinococcectomy, anastomosing hollow organs and inter-organ anastomoses.
The first project done by MISAHA, in conformance with NIH policies, is to bring a number of healers from Russia, two of whom are medical doctors, to the United States to duplicate recorded scientific medical studies that show that these healers have been successful in correcting: Hypertensive Disease, Osteochondrosis, Hematological Diseases, Kidney Stones, Glaucoma, Obesity, Female Infertility, Gynecological Fibromyoma, Elevated Intercranial Pressure, Vascular Ulcers, Diabetes, Rheumatism and Arthritis.