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The formation of excessive fibrous tissue, as in a reparative or reactive process.

fi·brot′ic (-brŏt′ĭk) adj.


a. fibrótico-a, rel. a la fibrosis.


adj fibrótico
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1] NSIP can be categorized by cellular type or fibrotic type, according to the grade of inflammation and fibrosis.
This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding will support Phelix's continued research of Calpain therapeutics to inhibit myofibroblast generation in fibrosis for the treatment of fibrotic diseases such as IPF and NASH.
HK), a Hong Kong-listed, global open-access biologics technology platform company offering end-to-end solutions for biologics discovery, development and manufacturing, is planning to expand its biologics manufacturing collaboration with Aravive Biologics Inc, a privately held biopharmaceutical company developing novel, highly selective therapies designed to treat serious cancers and certain fibrotic diseases, it was reported yesterday.
The treatment options for patients with fibrotic diseases like IPF are limited in scope and effectiveness," said Pierre Laurin, president and chief executive officer of Prometic.
The radiation fibrosis syndrome is a progressive fibrotic tissue sclerosis together with various clinical symptoms in the irradiation field.
Indalo Therapeutics is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing novel treatments for fibrotic diseases.
PRM-151 will complement our growing early-stage fibrosis portfolio, and we are excited by its potential to address multiple fibrotic diseases.
There is, however, an additional pathway for CC in an ear with fibrotic aural atresia.
Fibrotic diseases occur in many tissues within the body - including the liver, lung or kidneys - and have a range of causes including viruses or toxins.
A surge in oil and gas production has been a boon for the state's economy, but it has come at the expense of the safety of oilfield workers, who not only face physical injury but also long-term health issues like fibrotic lung disease.
The Schatz Technique is different from massage, or massage therapy; the focus is upon exploring tight, contracted fibrotic tissue with the aid of a proper lotion, and gradually coaxing the intense knot of dysfunctional tissue to normalize--to be fully effective, a session usually needs to last at least two hours.
With the reduction in the amount of light, it became clear that the mass on the left vocal fold was fibrotic.