fibrous tissue

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Noun1.fibrous tissue - tissue consisting of or containing fibers in both animals and plantsfibrous tissue - tissue consisting of or containing fibers in both animals and plants
animal tissue - the tissue in the bodies of animals
trabecula - rod-shaped structures of fibrous tissue that divide an organ into parts (as in the penis) or stabilize the structure of an organ (as in the spleen)
plant tissue - the tissue of a plant
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When the heart is sliced open like this, it's easy to see the fibrous tissue that runs along the inside and trim it away.
The muscles are separated by a band of fibrous tissue called the linea alba.
The gynaecologist added: "Most of the symptoms from episiotomy could be properly treated without going back to surgery with pelvic floor muscle training and perennial massage by massaging the scar and breaking down the fibrous tissue.
Fibrous dysplasia is a slowly progressive, benign, rare and idiopathic skeletal disorder in which normal bone and marrow are replaced by fibrous tissue and randomly distributed woven bone, usually with pain, bony deformity and pathologic fractures.1 In 1938 had Lichtenstein first coined the term "fibrous dysplasia (FD)"2 Mutation in the guanine nucleotide-binding protein coding gene in early stages of life is responsible in the etiology of the disease.
Verhoeff-van Gieson and Trichrome stains found more dominant fibrous tissue compared to elastin connective tissue in flavum ligament.
However, side effects related to pectus bar system, small patient pool of those having mental or neurological conditions, metal sensitivity reactions, patients with insufficient quantity or quality of bone or fibrous tissue to allow remodeling are excluded from the treatment are factors expected to hamper the global pectus bar system market growth over the forecast period.
Finally, a roughened surface was located at the anterior part of its dorsal side, where the fibrous tissue joining the two pieces is situated.
Orbital exploration and histologic examination revealed a benign cyst consisting of fibrous tissue, conjunctiva, and skeletal muscle bundles.
Fascia is a sheet of fibrous tissue that envelops the body beneath the skin, which also encloses muscles and groups of muscles and attaches, stabilises, encloses, and separates their several layers or groups.
In some places signs of fresh and old hemorrhage were observed, intraluminal as well as periglandular, which induce the production of fibrous tissue (Figure 3).
Hypertrophic scarring, the main indication of olx10010, results from the over-growth of dense fibrous tissue that can develop during the wound healing process which may cause functional impairment and cosmetic disfigurement.