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A long, very narrow loaf of French bread.

[French, twine, packthread, ficelle, probably from Vulgar Latin *fīlicella, diminutive of Latin fīlum, thread; see gwhī- in Indo-European roots.]
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But does not the blocking of the mock reader's expectations in the New Novel turn into a ficelle de metier, a trick of the trade?
Enfin, on se rappelle de la << ficelle >> hyperlegaliste a laquelle se raccroche Portia en dernier recours : ce sera la livre de chair et pas une goutte de sang ni un gramme supplementaire.
But let's not rush here: it would be a shame not to at least consider the rye and poppyseed batch, mixed olive ficelle, soya and lin- seed ciabatta or sweet potato and goat's cheese loaf.
These behemoths throw into relief the delicate, playful touches in certain of Soto's early works, such as Sans titre (La ficelle) (Untitled [String]), 1961, which offered something of a respite from the quasi-rationality on display elsewhere in the show.
Serves 6 100g unsalted butter 225g onions, thinly sliced 2 medium red chillies, deseeded and diced 900g peeled parsnips, sliced into circles Pinch sea salt 900ml boiling water or chicken or veg stock 75g freshly grated Parmesan, plus extra to garnish 1 red apple, to garnish For the croutons Ciabatta or ficelle (narrow French stick) Olive oil 1 tbsp rosemary, chopped
Harrismakinghay Nine winners in the past 14 days is not bad whichever way you look at it, and Ron Harris viewed things very positively following successes for Vincentti in the 5f maiden and Spic 'N Span, who took the 5f handicap with stablemate Ficelle back in third.
NEWMARKET: 5.50 Dixie's Dream, 6.20 Daaree, 6.55 Here Comes Well, 7.30 Crew Cut, 8.00 Panettone, 8.30 Ficelle.
FFOS LAS 6.25 Taste The Wine 6.55 Masai King 7.25 Tallulah Mai 7.55 Polar Auroras 8.25 Henry Allingham 8.55 Prodigality 9.25 The Jailer PONTEFRACT 2.30 Cosmic Moon 3.00 Moody Tunes 3.30 Gadobout Dancer 4.00 Royal Rascal 4.30 I'm So Glad 5.00 Rosie's Lady 5.30 Minalisa 6.00 Copperwood WINDSOR 6.40 Hoyam 7.10 Basle 7.40 Funcheon Vale 8.10 Choral Festival 8.40 Zowaina 9.10 Viscount Vert WOLVERHAMPTON 2.15 Ficelle 2.45 Mother Jones 3.15 Aseela 3.45 Unlimited 4.15 Angel Cake HAMILTON 2.30 Luck 3.00 No Hubris 3.30 King Of Paradise 4.00 Alsahil 4.30 Solar View 5.00 Besty 5.30 Rock Canyon.
SOUTHWELL: 12.10 Mount Hollow, 12.40 Finbar, 1.10 Spitfire, 1.40 Bow River Arch, 2.10 Take Cover, 2.40 Ficelle, 3.10 CALCULATING (NAP), 3.40 Fault.