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A long, very narrow loaf of French bread.

[French, twine, packthread, ficelle, probably from Vulgar Latin *fīlicella, diminutive of Latin fīlum, thread; see gwhī- in Indo-European roots.]
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La ficelle est trop grosse pour etre gobee par les electeurs transis de la formation batie par le chef de l'Etat.
Enfin, on se rappelle de la << ficelle >> hyperlegaliste a laquelle se raccroche Portia en dernier recours : ce sera la livre de chair et pas une goutte de sang ni un gramme supplementaire.
But let's not rush here: it would be a shame not to at least consider the rye and poppyseed batch, mixed olive ficelle, soya and lin- seed ciabatta or sweet potato and goat's cheese loaf.
Serves 6 100g unsalted butter 225g onions, thinly sliced 2 medium red chillies, deseeded and diced 900g peeled parsnips, sliced into circles Pinch sea salt 900ml boiling water or chicken or veg stock 75g freshly grated Parmesan, plus extra to garnish 1 red apple, to garnish For the croutons Ciabatta or ficelle (narrow French stick) Olive oil 1 tbsp rosemary, chopped
Harrismakinghay Nine winners in the past 14 days is not bad whichever way you look at it, and Ron Harris viewed things very positively following successes for Vincentti in the 5f maiden and Spic 'N Span, who took the 5f handicap with stablemate Ficelle back in third.
8)"Et alors, soudainement, une lueur se fit dans mon cerveau, et je compris pourquoi la mere tenait tant a m'arracher la ficelle et par quel commerce elle entendait se consoler" (BAUDELAIRE, 1996, p.
Wine body: bien construit, solide, robuste, plein de force, avoir du corps/du corsage/de la jambe/de la cuisse/de la fesse/du gilet, etoffe, maigre, faible, leger, dentelle, ficelle, informe, plat, lisse, sans relief.
Playing on the Japanese pairing of sea urchin and wasabi, Raij mixes it into butter she slathers on a ficelle and tops with sea urchin.
Moreover, Alyosha, who acts as a Jamesian ficelle, or connecting character, is always present at such key moments.
Un grand pochon de plastique, une ficelle pour le refermer, une minuscule bonbonne de camping-gaz: travail d'artisan bien fait, precis comme le coup de gouge d'un luthier" (147).
And Fried, the bloviating Rhodes Scholar in Park's Merton entourage, seems to me artificial--what Henry James would have called a ficelle, a character who has a merely structural role and function.