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 (fĭsh′o͞o, fē-sho͞o′)
A woman's triangular scarf of lightweight fabric, worn over the shoulders and crossed or tied in a loose knot at the breast.

[French, from past participle of ficher, to fix, from Vulgar Latin *figicāre, from Latin fīgere; see dhīgw- in Indo-European roots.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a woman's shawl or scarf of some light material, worn esp in the 18th century
[C19: from French: small shawl, from ficher to fix with a pin, from Latin fīgere to fasten, fix]


(ˈfɪʃ u, ˈfi ʃu)

n., pl. fich•us.
a woman's sheer triangular scarf, worn over the shoulders or around the neck, often with the ends tucked into a low neckline.
[1795–1805; < French: n. use of past participle of ficher to drive in, fix, throw < Latin fīgere]
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Noun1.fichu - a lightweight triangular scarf worn by a womanfichu - a lightweight triangular scarf worn by a woman
scarf - a garment worn around the head or neck or shoulders for warmth or decoration
References in classic literature ?
Berg rose and embraced his wife carefully, so as not to crush her lace fichu for which he had paid a good price, kissing her straight on the lips.
Princess Yusupova wore one exactly like this," said Berg, pointing to the fichu with a happy and kindly smile.
Mademoiselle Stangerson threw a fichu shawl over her shoulders and I plainly saw that it was she who was begging Monsieur Darzac to go with her into the garden.
Our good child ransacked all her drawers, cupboards, reticules, and gimcrack boxes--passed in review all her gowns, fichus, tags, bobbins, laces, silk stockings, and fallals-- selecting this thing and that and the other, to make a little heap for Rebecca.
Those who saw them often asked how it was that a woman could keep her husband in good clothes, wear a Leghorn bonnet with flowers, embroidered muslin dresses, silk mantles, prunella boots, handsome fichus, a Chinese parasol, and drive home in a hackney-coach, and yet be virtuous; while Madame Colleville and other "ladies" of her kind could scarcely make ends meet, though they had double Madame Minard's means.
In fashion Peter Pan, Wing, Eton and Fichu are all types of what?
She has literally brought a new twist to Filipiniana, where sleight of hand can recreate the panuelo or the fichu to be worn on modern dress.
La tete etait un peu inclinee en avant, les cheveux pris dans un fichu qui retombait sur la nuque, la main gauche tenait quelque peu remontee la robe extraordinairement plissee qui (.
Il a rappele, a ce propos, qu'avant l'avenement de cette tenue, les Algeroises mettaient des [beaucoup moins que]fouta[beaucoup plus grand que], une sorte de fichu, pour se couvrir la tete en sortant de leurs maisons.
Suddenly something in his large oval face reminded Thomas of a photograph of an elderly relative of his own, with hair in smooth bands, bowwindow fashion, wearing a bonnet and fichu.
Benjamin; mas precisamente, una conferencia escrita con motivo de una frase (<<il s'agissait de changer en fichu une poesie>>) presente en una carta que Benjamin le dirigia a Gretel (la esposa de Adorno, el 12 de octubre de 1939) relatandole un extrano sueno.
Instead of tucking the ends of the fichu into the neckline, the strap now secured the fichu to the front of the gown (fig.