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One who writes fiction, especially a prolific creator of commercial or pulp fiction.
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(ˌfɪk ʃəˈnɪər)

a writer of fiction, esp. a prolific writer of mediocre works.
fic`tion•eer′ing, n.
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"Blurring Genres: Fictioneer as Ficto-Critic." In Visible Ink: Crypto-Frictions.
Her recent work has been published or is forthcoming in The Masters Review, Five Quarterly,The Fictioneer, Your Impossible Voice, and TAYO, among others.
Also - a neat trick if you want to be a fictioneer - self denying.
What Coetzee writes there cannot be trusted, not as a factual record--not because he was a liar but because he was a fictioneer. In his letters he is making up a fiction of himself for his correspondents; in his diaries he is doing much the same for his own eyes, or perhaps for posterity.
This seemingly paradoxical notion informs the narrational strategies of all three of his fictionalized autobiographies in a process that Frank Kermode, in his recent review of Summertime, has labeled "fictioneering" (the term "fictioneer" is used by Coetzee's fictional biographer in Summertime).
Critic, poet, and short fictioneer Taylor introduces English readers to contemporary poets in 17 European countries.
"I once believed that he was most naturally a fictioneer."
In 1930, pulp fictioneer Frank Bridge populated it with saber-toothed tigers and dinosaurs in The War Lord of Venus, and Laurence Manning's Venus in The Voyage of the Asteroid also threatened visitors from Earth with giant reptiles.
But the great Argentinean fictioneer slyly blocks this strategy by having the second text continually comment on what is happening in the first one, compelling-the reader to read chapter 34 line by mind-bending line.