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Kreis came to Martin one day - Kreis, of the "real dirt"; and Martin turned to him with relief, to receive the glowing details of a scheme sufficiently wild-catty to interest him as a fictionist rather than an investor.
An educator, scholar, essayist and fictionist, and cultural/literary historian, Mojares is one of the leading figures in regional literature and history.
The judging committee for the girls includes Arabic Language Standards Specialist Safinaz al-Hasasneh; Arabic Language Co-ordinator Noor al-Hammadi; Shama al-Kuwari, a novelist and fictionist; and, Dar Roza Publishing chief executive Aisha al-Kuwari.
The judging committee for the girls includes Safinaz al Hasasneh, Arabic Language Standards Specialist; Noor al Hammadi, Arabic Language Coordinator; Shama al Kuwari, a novelist and fictionist; and Aisha al Kuwari, CEO of Dar Roza Publishing.
ISLAMABAD -- The 100 birth anniversary of legendary Poet, Fictionist and Column Writer, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi was observed by the Pakistan National Council of the Arts at the auditorium.
Syed Tahir Bukhari Bacha, senior fictionist, spiritual successor of Hamza Baba while presiding over the event said that Hamza Shinwari was a multi-faceted personality and had rendered meritorious services to Urdu, Pashto and Pashtuns.
In addition to the workshops and main event, it will also include a three-hour after-party/concert Thursday evening, featuring local Utah bands, Fictionist and RKDN.
And though Nabokov confessed at one point that "the man in me revolts against the fictionist," it was the artist who won out in the end: for, the processes in nature and art had much too much in common to be abandoned for existence alone.
Tan, Poet, fictionist, essayist, and teacher of literature (Philippines)• Myriam Montoya, Poet (Colombia/ France)• Jim Byron, musician (USA)• Carlos Piera, Writer (Spain)• Camila Charry Noriega, Poet (Colombia)• Harold Trujillo Torres, Caricaturista de opinion periodico El Espectador (Colombia)• Lucia Ortiz Corredor, Poet (Colombia)• Julio Cesar Goyes Narvaez, Poet (Colombia)• Julio Cesar Goyes Narvaez, Poet/ IECO-Instituto de Estudios en Comunicacion y Cultura/ Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)• Alonso Saenz M., Promotor de Lectura (Colombia)• Carmen Calatayud, Poet and nonfiction writer (USA)• Eduardo Emilio Esparza, Artista Plastico (Colombia)• Canela A.
The poor fictionist frequently finds himself to have been wrong in his description of things in general ...
Cronin and Ben Siegel focus on the significance of Bellow's novels as a key to his life: "He is a strongly autobiographical fictionist whose probings of the self help explain his strong reliance on monologue.