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Noun1.fiddleneck - hairy annual of California to Mexico with crowded cymes of small blue to lilac or mauve flowers
phacelia, scorpion weed, scorpionweed - any plant of the genus Phacelia
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Plant propagation technology has developed rapidly for endangered plant species and with notable successes in preventing probable extinction, for example the large-flowered fiddleneck. Assisted migration is likely to become increasingly employed for threatened plants under climate change scenarios.
Common vegetational alliances at the reserve include Suaeda moquinii Shrubland Alliance (bush seepweed scrub), Allenrollfia occidentalis Shrubland Alliance (iodine bush scrub), Centromadia (pungens) Herbaceous Alliance (tar plant fields), Amsinckia (menziesii, tessellata) Herbaceious Alliance (fiddleneck fields), and Bromus rubens-Schismus (arabicus, barbatus) Semi-Natural Herbaceous Stands (red brome or Mediterranean grass grasslands; Sawyer et al., 2009).
North America Fiddleneck Amsinckia intermedia Pacific Coast Foxglove Digitalis purpurea Western United States Jimsonweed Datura stramonium North America Larkspur Delphinium spp.
Black Butte Fire Chief Ed Sherrell, his crew and five dozen firefighters from neighboring departments were on Fiddleneck Road with their equipment when the fire blew up on 30 mph winds about 2:30 p.m.
The landscapes are van Gogh: "In the coastal valleys sheets of color spread across the grass and climb the slopes, blue-purple lupin, poppies, goldfield, paintbrush, fiddleneck, white and yellow daisies."
Preparation/Use: Mash young fiddleneck directly on leg to relieve pain.
Amsinckia ("fiddleneck," Boraginaceae) is a genus of yellow- to orange-flowered annuals centered in western North America (Ray and Chisaki 1957a).