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Used to express mild annoyance or impatience.

[From pl. of fiddlestick, bow for playing a fiddle.]


(ˈfɪd lˌstɪks)

(used to express annoyance.)


[ˈfɪdlstɪks] EXCL¡tonterías!


interj (= nonsense)Unsinn, Quatsch (inf); (= bother)du liebe Zeit, du liebes Lottchen (hum inf)


[ˈfɪdlˌstɪks] excl (old) fiddlesticks!sciocchezze!
References in classic literature ?
Fiddlesticks! Everybody in New York has always known everybody.
Fiddlesticks! I know Scarlett Trent, although he little knows who I am, and he isn't that sort of man at all.
"Unromantic fiddlesticks!" said the unsympathetic Marilla.
When I inquire what this means, Penelope says, "Fiddlesticks!" I say, Sweethearts.
"Fiddlesticks! every man smokes, even Uncle Alec, whom you think so perfect," began Charlie, in his teasing way.
"Oh, you never mean a fiddlestick's end!" said Priscilla, as she arranged her discarded dress, and closed her bandbox.
In biography the truth is every thing, and in autobiography it is especially so -- yet I scarcely hope to be believed when I state, however solemnly, that my poor father put me, when I was about fifteen years of age, into the counting-house of what be termed "a respectable hardware and commission merchant doing a capital bit of business!" A capital bit of fiddlestick! However, the consequence of this folly was, that in two or three days, I had to be sent home to my button-headed family in a high state of fever, and with a most violent and dangerous pain in the sinciput, all around about my organ of order.
'Imperial fiddlestick!' said the King, rubbing his nose, which had been hurt by the fall.
"A viper--a fiddlestick," said Miss Sharp to the old lady, almost fainting with astonishment.
"Fiddlestick! he was n't tipsy; and Tom only did it to get out of the way.
On such days, my cousins and I played jackstones or a game of fiddlesticks. Old Maid was always fun.
It was all (il)logical fiddlesticks that some of them could muster up in response.