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Used to express mild annoyance or impatience.

[From pl. of fiddlestick, bow for playing a fiddle.]


(ˈfɪd lˌstɪks)

(used to express annoyance.)


[ˈfɪdlstɪks] EXCL¡tonterías!


interj (= nonsense)Unsinn, Quatsch (inf); (= bother)du liebe Zeit, du liebes Lottchen (hum inf)


[ˈfɪdlˌstɪks] excl (old) fiddlesticks!sciocchezze!
References in classic literature ?
A viper--a fiddlestick," said Miss Sharp to the old lady, almost fainting with astonishment.
has built custom pools in Lexington, Bonita Bay, Gulf Harbor, The Brooks, Pelican Marsh, Quail West, Pelican Strand, Old Cypress, Gateway, Fiddlesticks, Quail Creek, Catalpa Cove, Imperial Gulf Estates, St.
LIPPIJN Fiddlesticks, dear, I don't know what to say.
Fiddlesticks was made during the time Iwerks was away from Disney.
This is a cautionary tale about Popcorn, a civic-minded chicken who plays an essential role at Fiddlesticks Farm.
Fiddlesticks can Fear from farther away and gets some cooldown on his Drain if it doesn't kill a target.
Tom Fiddlesticks might be under the impression that this is real love but sorry mate, you are just a decoy.
Supreme: A Evans, Shrewsbury, Westhill Fiddlesticks.
After 'splainin' how Boot got his range-name in the July/August '14 issue* and promising to tell you how Moon and Fiddlesticks acquired theirs, you've clamored to hear 'em.
If you are yearning for another adventure film, look no further than Fiddlesticks (Quatsch) which follows a group of children intent on changing their town's reputation for being completely boring and mundane.
based Icebox Coffee--a refrigerated liquid concentrate coffee packaged in a novel portion-controlled bottle designed to be drunk hot or cold--and Fiddlesticks Fire Starter, a small Birmingham manufacturer of charcoal, wood chunks and the unique Grilling Sticks.
Hosted by Only Men Aloud's Tim Rhys-Evans and BBC Cardiff Singer of the World's Josie d'Arby, early arrivals were treated to music from community acts Fiddlesticks and the Valli Boys, who did a brilliant job of warming up the crowd for the major line-up.