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v. fidg·et·ed, fidg·et·ing, fidg·ets
1. To behave or move nervously or restlessly.
2. To play or fuss; fiddle: He fidgeted with his notes while lecturing.
To cause to behave or move nervously or restlessly.
1. fidgets A condition of restlessness as manifested by nervous movements. Often used with the: a bored child who had the fidgets.
2. One that fidgets.

[From obsolete and dialectal fidge, to move restlessly, perhaps from Middle English fiken, of Scandinavian origin.]
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1. (of a person) moving about restlessly
2. (of a person) fiddling with something
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References in classic literature ?
I fidgeted up and down the raft, abusing myself to myself, and Jim was fidgeting up and down past me.
'It's a good opportunity, now that master is away,' I answered aloud: 'he hates me to be fidgeting over these things in his presence.
'I hate you to be fidgeting in MY presence,' exclaimed the young lady imperiously, not allowing her guest time to speak: she had failed to recover her equanimity since the little dispute with Heathcliff.
marry--If you don't leave off fidgeting with the bottle, Mr.
"Didn't say nothin' 'bout my old man, s'pose?" said Chloe, still fidgeting with the tea-cups.
"Give us another bottle," Stepan Arkadyevitch directed the Tatar, who was filling up their glasses and fidgeting round them just when he was not wanted.
The rest of the silent hours are filled with eating and fidgeting, and long grumbling soliloquies.
ENPNewswire-August 13, 2019--The University of Strathclyde: Does fidgeting help to burn calories?
The Travel Sensory Kit contains a blue Chew-A-Roo Round Chew Pendant for chewing; a Chew-A-Roo Chew Straw 3-Pack for chewing during mealtime; a Gidget Widget to fidget with; a Spinning Light Globe for dark play; a Flashing Orbit Ball for visual tracking and dark play; a Textured Tangle Jr to twist and pull; an Easy Grip Egg Shaker to get hands and ears going; a Wikki Stix Rainbow Pack for creative fine-motor play; a blue Fluxy Oral Motor Tool for chewing; a Small Tin of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty to squeeze, twist, and pull; a Mini Water Wiggle for squishy tactile fun; and a Red Oggi Jr for fidgeting and sticking to windows.
-They fidget a lot: People with the highest levels of spontaneous physical activity, including fidgeting, tend to weigh less.
They are believed to be good for conditions like ADHD and autism due to their fidgeting property.1-4 An attribute which has been noted to dispel nervous energy or psychological stress, since fidgeting with an object in the hand has been proven to be helpful in retaining and contributing to an individual's attention while carrying out a long task.
tied, The 4 monocycle); or (unicycle A3 tiding, tide, tend, ignited, gifted, fined, Samaritan; Good The 2 Loaded; 1 find, fiend, fidget, fetid, fend, editing, edit, edging, dint, ding, dine, digit, Quiz: diet, dent, deign, deft, FIDGETING deities.