fiduciary duty

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Noun1.fiduciary duty - the legal duty of a fiduciary to act in the best interests of the beneficiary
legal duty - acts which the law requires be done or forborne
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That is, until we began to discover that, at best, CFPs had a "part-time" fiduciary duty requiring them to act in the best interest of their clients when creating their financial plans, but under no such obligation when recommending the investments and other financial products necessary to implement those plans.
Claimant) claims that (defendant) owed a fiduciary duty to [him] [her] [it].
The directors argued that the assertion that they owed a fiduciary duty to the limited partners was a legal nullity inconsistent with the duty they owed to their own entity and its shareholders.
Many different types of professions owe a fiduciary duty to someone; for example, lawyers to their clients and trustees to beneficiaries.
The 9th Circuit erred by applying a six-year statutory bar based solely on the initial selection of the three funds without considering the contours of the alleged breach of fiduciary duty.
Hub International Insurance Services, decided on March 10, slams the door on the presumption of a fiduciary duty in a normal broker/policyholder relationship.
At the core lies the cardinal fiduciary duty of loyalty.
In general, the longer the relationship continues, and the more the customer blindly follows the broker's advice without question or deviation, the more likely it is that a fiduciary duty may be found to exist.
Requests for updates on the law of mortgage broker fiduciary duty have been so frequent, and changes in the law so rapid, that Mortgage Banking and that article's authors felt a sequel was needed.
The Court in Peoples went on to discuss the common law fiduciary duty, which can arise in a wide variety of contexts, distinctly from that of the statutory fiduciary duty set out in the CBCA.
Thus, 'the mere fact that a business is run as a corporation rather than a partnership does not shield the business venturers from a fiduciary duty similar to that of true partners.