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Noun1.Field cricket - common American black cricketfield cricket - common American black cricket; attacks crops and also enters dwellings
cricket - leaping insect; male makes chirping noises by rubbing the forewings together
Acheta, genus Acheta - common house and field crickets
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of play field cricket and football ground at Jehanian city at
(Cuban scientists themselves suggested a similar insect-related theory for the "attacks" in 2017, though they pointed to the Jamaican field cricket as the likely culprit.)
Ben Stokes is out to make sure that people remember him for his on field cricket exploits rather than anything else ahead of the biggest year of his career.
Spider crickets are often mistaken for spiders due to their long back legs, but are just crickets; although a different super family to the better known field cricket. However, like spiders, they are nocturnal and prefer dark places.
Spider crickets are often mistaken for spiders due to their long back legs, but are just crickets, although a different super family to the more commonly-known field cricket.
How many state schools still have the space, the enthusiasm and the coaches to field cricket teams, either competitively or at all?
Simmons LW (1987) Female choice contributes to offspring fitness in the field cricket, Gryllus bimaculatus (De Geer).
As witness to the miracle of the birth of Jesus, three friends were present also: a field cricket, a honeybee, and an ordinary brown spider.
With parasitic flies gorging on her guts and the end approaching, a variable field cricket may have time to do only one more thing: Find a mate.
DiRienzo indicated that, if rearing conditions do have an effect on both growth and behaviour, this could have widespread consequences for our understanding of field cricket ecology.
The show combined on- field cricket matches between eight teams with their captains' off- field skill.