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Noun1.field crop - a crop (other than fruits or vegetables) that is grown for agricultural purposes; "cotton, hay, and grain are field crops"
crop - a cultivated plant that is grown commercially on a large scale
field corn - corn grown primarily for animal feed or market grain
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Through these businesses, the company manufactures and trades in a wide range of products, including polyester staple fibre (PSF), soda ash, general and specialty chemicals, toll-manufactured pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, animal health products and agricultural products (including chemicals, field crop seeds, vegetable seeds and more).
The head of production units at the Ministry of Agriculture, Brini Jounaidi, stressed that field crop production units in the various regions of the country will make available to farmers a large quota of good quality cereal seeds for the next season, through the application of the technical package.
The field day events were arranged under the 'Strengthening Research on Horticultural Crops and Dissemination of Horticultural and Field Crop Technology at Charland Areas' project of BARI to introduce and popularise technologies for breeder seed production and cultivation of BARI-evolved vegetables.
It offers polyester staple fibers, sodium bicarbonate, POY chips, polyurethanes, general and specialty chemicals, toll-manufactured pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and animal health products, as well as agricultural products, including chemicals, field crop seeds, vegetable seeds, and other products.
The assets include Bayer's global glufosinate-ammonium business and the related LibertyLink technology and essentially all of the company's field crop seeds business, as well as respective research and development capabilities.
Field crop farmworkers, as the PSA officially classifies them, are the one who manually plant, cultivate and harvests fruits vegetables and crops for human consumption.
The project, titled "Large-scale UAS data collection, processing, and management for field crop management," uses UAS to collect high-resolution imagery for use in precision crop management decisions.
The acreage changes by crop category (table 4) indicate a modest reduction in field crop acreage (about -5.5%), an important increase in vegetable (processing tomato) acreage (14%) and a small decline in tree and vine crop acreage (-1.1%).
In this environment, FCI has been widely adopted and is now a risk management tool used by the majority of field crop producers in the United States, as well as some specialty crop and livestock producers.
For the past two decades, field crop farmers have been able to utilize precision farming techniques to apply fertilizer and pesticides and measure crop yields.
Agricultural Chemical Usage, 2002 Field Crop Summary.
Tyto was developed at the Field Crop Development Centre (FCDC) of Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (AAFRD), and was granted full registration (Reg.