field grade

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field′ grade`

military rank applying to mid-level army officers, as majors, lieutenant colonels, and colonels. Compare company grade.
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Through the company grade and early field grade ranks, many Army officers have limited interaction working with a non-DOD population.
But, as a field grade officer, her leadership and experience enabled her to get right in there and get the mission done.
(7.) AR 600-20 defines senior warrant officer as field grade (CW3/4) and senior field grade (CW5).
Knowledge of joint warfighting doctrine is essential to the relevance of a field grade officer.
For each scoped rifle I've taken to Africa, I've transported them within Galco's Field Grade Zippered Scoped Rifle Case.
For younger hunters and women who don't enjoy harsh recoil, the Stevens Model 320 Field Grade is a nice option.
This article suggests that junior field grade officers and captains need to reinvest in doctrinally sound training management practices in order to better sequence and synchronize resources and units in time, space, and purpose.
The Syrian official did not say if the Pasdaran had dispatched combat units to Syria, or if he was talking about Iranian field grade officers (lieutenants and captains) leading units of non-Iranian troops in battle.
Mubarak al-Abdullah Joint Command and Staff College abbreviated in English as MAJCSC is a military educational institution in Kuwait City, Kuwait, which prepares field grade officers to lead at the operational level of warfare.
Sherwin-Williams has announced a "field grade" inorganic zinc-rich coating for steel fabrication shops, Zinc Clad II Plus FG.
9 The Field Grade Gear Care Kit from Sentry Solutions handles knife care for our troops.
Secondary research questions included determining whether there were statistically significant differences in attributes based on age, gender, rank (company grade vs field grade *), corps (Medical, Nurse, Medical Service, Specialist, Dental, and Veterinarian), and environmental factors such as time spent in hospitals (fixed facility experience) and time spent in the field (operational unit experience).