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Noun1.field intensity - the vector sum of all the forces exerted by an electrical or magnetic field (on a unit mass or unit charge or unit magnetic pole) at a given point in the field
intensity, intensity level, strength - the amount of energy transmitted (as by acoustic or electromagnetic radiation); "he adjusted the intensity of the sound"; "they measured the station's signal strength"
magnetic field strength, magnetic flux density, magnetic intensity, magnetic induction - the amount of magnetic flux in a unit area perpendicular to the direction of magnetic flow
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The mathematical model has three dimensionless parameters: applied field intensity [h.sub.0], layer thickness * and magnetic susceptibility x.
In addition, we found that the maximum electric field intensity is 4.80 x [10.sup.6] V/m at the tip of needle piece, followed by 3.87 X [10.sup.6] V/m for the coil spinneret, and the least is 1.76 x [10.sup.6] V/m for the disc spinneret.
In terms of grade, the grade of the particles 0 to 150 micron in size was significantly higher for those 1000 to 2000 micron in size; thus, the optimal size and field intensity were selected to be 0 to 150 micron and 2000 Gauss, respectively.
Figure 5 shows the magnetic field distribution in the corridor which is linear and continuous, and the magnetic field intensity of different locations is likely to be the same.
Caption: Figure 3: (a-f) The electric field intensity distribution of copolarized transmitted wave and cross-polarized transmitted wave at 0.68 THz for HPFMs, HVPFMs, and HVPDMs, respectively.
If we consider the lattice shown in Figure 1 composed of three DNG cells, the intensity of total electric field at a point ([x.sub.0], [y.sub.0], [z.sub.0]) inside the host but outside from any particle is the summation of the incident field intensity and the field intensities produced by the total number, [N.sub.p], of the particles.
The most effective parameters from these parameters are the length of the magnetic filter (L), the filtration velocity ([V.sub.f]) and the external magnetic field intensity (H or B) [27-29].
Each of the 12 reduced samples was dry milled in a rod mill for 15 min and then separated by a laboratory Davis tube magnetic separator (model: XCGS[phi]50), operating at a working electrical current of 2 A (magnetic field intensity: 0.156 T).
According to experimental and theoretical analysis, the liner extent of chain-like flocculation constituents grows obviously with the increase of external magnetic field intensity, and concatemers come into being.
A COMSOL software to adjust the geometric parameters of the ring resonator device such as W=200nm,d=250nm and r=1[micro]m , and do a single frequency domain simulation at [lambda]=1550nm by launching a input power 1mW We find that the resonance condition is satisfied at approximately 1.55[micro]m , and the field intensity inside the ring is enhanced 4 times higher than the intensity in the input waveguide.

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