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Noun1.field judge - a football official
football official - an official who enforces the rules at a football game
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Joining Arkush once again on the NBCSCH-based panel will be Dan Hampton, Dave Wannstedt and field judge Pat Boyle.
For just about every possible reason, bears are very difficult to accurately field judge.
Of all North American big-game animals, black bears are perhaps the hardest to field judge. They look so big when they're walking toward your stand.
As always there was great back-up from the club's officials through Stuart MacFarlane as a field judge, John Dickson as track judge, plus Tom McMenemy on timekeeping duty.
Haroon and Amir Hamza supervised the match while Master Khan acted as field judge.
Yasir Islam (PIA) and Haroon Khan (PAF) supervised the match while Tehsil Ullah acted as field judge.
(1) Published between March 1959 and November 1975, the Judge Advocate Legal Service (JALS) was initially published on a weekly basis provide field Judge Advocates with the latest appellate decisions from the Court of Military Appeals (the forerunner of the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces) and the Comptroller General.
For hunters specifically trying to get into the record books, it's important to be able to field judge a deer's antlers.
Mothershed was scheduled to be the field judge Saturday but replaced O'Cain as referee.
A binocular harness makes for easy, quiet access to monitor the terrain or field judge deer; scope/binocular covers guard against blowing snow and freezing rain attaching to your optics.
The other members of the Super Bowl XLIV officiating crew are UNDREY WASH (umpire), JOHN McGRATH (head linesman), JEFF SEEMAN (line judge), ROB VERNATCHI (field judge), GREG MEYER (side judge) and GREG STEED (back judge).
They include Kevin Hill, umpire; Thomas Delaney, referee; Herman Salley, field judge; Charles Bartlett, coordinator of officials; Ronald Tresvant, head linesman; Darick Edmond, line judge; Glen Wilson, side judge; and Donald Ware, back judge.