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Noun1.field line - an imaginary line in a field of forcefield line - an imaginary line in a field of force; direction of the line at any point is the direction of the force at that point
line - a spatial location defined by a real or imaginary unidimensional extent
electrical line of force - a line of force in an electrical field
magnetic line of force - a line of force in a magnetic field
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Andrew Bittle then doubled down the left field line, moving Rushing to third and Brayden Ditterline doubled off the chain link fence in left to score a pair.
But even without the likes of last year's winner and runner-up Jakob Fuglsang and Richie Porte as well as Chris Froome, who is resting after his Giro d'Italia win, a competitive field line up for the 6.6km prologue in Valence.
Eliyah Flores started things off for Mexico in the fourth with a double down the left field line then advanced to third off a passed ball.
Long before the flare the magnetic field lines are un-entangled and they appear in a smooth arc between two points on the photosphere (the Sun's visible surface) -- areas called field line footpoints.
Alex Nunez led it off by tripling down the right field line. Jerod Edmondson's ground single brought Nunez home.
The Red Sox catcher knocked a tall shot down the left field line. He watched the ball, and the world watched him in the now indelible image, madly waving the ball fair.
Offered in men's and women's styles, the soon-to-be-available track and field line will concentrate on the binding around the arms and the legs.
2 The sun's equator, which moves faster than the poles, tugs at each field line and pulls it out of shape.
The total or net inductance of the return path is a measure of the total number of magnetic field line loops that encircle only the return conductor, per amp of current in the entire signal-return loop.
The guiding center approximation used in the custom software is based on the fact that the particle's center of gyration moves approximately along the magnetic field line. To minimize error in the approximation, the custom software uses the deviation of the guiding center derived from the magnetic field line pertubatively.
So, although some large field patterns are known to survive up to a year or more, any given field line is severed and reconnected near the surface surprisingly quickly.