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Noun1.field tent - a canvas tent for use in the fieldfield tent - a canvas tent for use in the field  
canvas tent, canvass, canvas - a tent made of canvas fabric
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Carrying five-gallon cans of fuel oil from the oil depot to the field tent several times a day was not bad, but my school uniform became saturated with oil and mud.
Mating success of control and treated males in field tent trials was compared using the paired t-test.
Mr McDonnell made his original comments - that people at Grenfell were "murdered by political decisions that were taken over recent decades" - during a debate at Glastonbury Festival's Left Field tent, which asked whether democracy is broken.
He was to introduce US hip hop duo Run The Jewels at the Pyramid Stage at 4pm before giving a talk at the Left Field tent.
To mark the occasion, the City of Fort Collins and the Museum of Discovery, along with eager volunteers, will present a series of programs about the significance of the site, recreate a 1930s-era field tent with changing displays (such as the director's quarters, cook's tent, or workers' tent) with all the equipment that would have been used, display special exhibits at the museum, and present a four-day symposium featuring professional archaeologists, historians, and anthropologists.
His ear is a drum, his nose is a field tent (with a sentry-box below), his chin is a stone fortress wall with cannon for teeth, his jawbone is a sabre, he has cannons for eyes and bayonets for eyelashes, flags cover his cheek and forehead--the latter with the titles of his most famous victories at Vitoria, Salamanca (both from the Peninsular War) and Waterloo--and his hair is made of laurel leaves (the classical symbol of victory).
Brutus, the general who reads philosophy in his field tent, does not want to kill Caesar at all but feels compelled to do so for philosophical reasons.
And after the old soldiers had to resort to using a field tent for the cooking, Clarissa criticised their efforts in her newspaper column.
A year later it was physician assistant and Army nurse who had the skill to shore up some serious bleeding and repair my massive scalp laceration and skull fracture in a field tent operating room.
The spectre of a complete breakdown in talks loomed when Serb generals failed to reappear after an early evening adjournment in the huge angular field tent on the Kumanovo airfield, north-west of Skopje, Macedonia.
Speaking from the phone at a day care center he just set up in Homestead, Florida, at the Harris Field tent camp, Roche said they are doing whatever they can.