field test

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Noun1.field test - a test of the performance of some new product under the conditions in which it will be used
test, trial run, tryout, trial - trying something to find out about it; "a sample for ten days free trial"; "a trial of progesterone failed to relieve the pain"
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In announcing the change, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said the department was abandoning the use of the kits, known formally as chemical field tests, because conducting the tests in the field had exposed officers to the dangers posed by potentially lethal drugs such as fentanyl.
There are three major testing systems for BTS antenna testing: indoor far field test range, spherical near-field test range, and compact test range.
As a practical matter, if Worcester students refuse to take the PARCC field test on their scheduled day, they will be sent somewhere else in the building in a non-punitive manner and given something to read or another task, Worcester Superintendent Melinda J.
The GMRC Field Test Guideline specifies methods of overcoming impracticalities in the field test environment and requires that the test uncertainty include the non-ideal effects of the field environment.
2Mb/s, while the field test equipment measures a 30Mb/s+ maximum downlink transmission rate.
Details regarding the stage one development of the scales, the stage two development of the items, and the stage three field test and subsequent reliability and construct validity analyses is presented in Walker (2003).
For anyone familiar with the story of StarLink, a genetically engineered corn not approved for human consumption, open-air field tests are a great concern.
We chose the Major Field Test in Psychology II (MFTP) (Educational Testing Service, 1998a) to be this measure.
From 1987 to 2000, nearly 30,000 field tests of GE organisms were authorized by the USDA, the report shows.
PM Abrams specified and funded functional field tests of the ice cleat at Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona.
In the FASB's special report on the Results of the Field Test of the Proposed Standards for Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations and Accounting for Contributions, which became Statement no.
For those companies that participated in the field test and that had a significant number of retirees, expense under accrual accounting generally ranged from two to six times their current pay-as-you-go costs.