Field vole

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(Zool.) the European meadow mouse.

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Kestrels are omnivorous, which helps, though the vast percentage of their diet comes from field voles, shrews, rats and even worms.
To investigate the endemicity of hantavirus in field voles in the United Kingdom, we surveyed the extensive field vole population in the Kielder Forest, Northumberland (-230 km distant from the locality where Tatenale virus was discovered).
Shifting spacing behaviour of male field voles, Microtus agrestis, over the reproductive season.
Since shrews and bank voles (Myodes glareolus) prefer forests, they are probably less vulnerable to the frost seesaw effect than field voles, which mainly occupy open habitats (Solonen, 2006).
The workshop run by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust will teach would-be surveyors how to spot signs of water voles, rats and field voles and to help them monitor their numbers.
A high population of small mammals, such as field voles, bank voles and wood mice, is thought to help sustain the owls.
They have worked out that around 2,500 field voles are delivered to 120 nest boxes.
p While cleaning up refuse along Speke Boulevard, for Knowsley council recently, Mark Geffery disturbed large numbers of field voles, nesting under the rubbish.
procyonis larvae to be the most common cause of abnormal behavior in woodchucks and field voles.
Wood mice, common shrews and field voles reproduce rapidly and in high numbers when conditions are suitable.