field winding

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field wind·ing


field winding

(Electrical Engineering) the insulated current-carrying coils on a field magnet that produce the magnetic field intensity required to set up the electrical excitation in a generator or motor

field′ wind`ing

(ˈwaɪn dɪŋ)

the electrically conducting circuit, usu. a number of coils wound on individual poles and connected in series, that produces the magnetic field in a motor or generator.
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Noun1.field winding - the electric coil around a field magnet that produces the magneto motive force to set up the flux in an electric machine
coil - reactor consisting of a spiral of insulated wire that introduces inductance into a circuit
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Main Pole Coil For 54kw Crowd Motor (Make: Bhel/Ussr), Dme-52,Main Pole Coil/Main Field Winding For 54kw Crowd Motor, Type:Kmdc-808 Spl (Make: Kec,Interpole/Compole Coil For 54kw Crowd Motor, Kmdc-808 Spl (Make: Kec),Commutator For 54kw Crowd Motor (Bhel Make) Type: Dme 52
In case of target field strength 3000AT and a space factor for stator slot 60%, current density at field winding coil is 15A/mm^2.
With the field winding up to full pelt some 10km from the end the riders were apparently told in their earpieces that the 3km to go banner was going to become the finish, causing sudden panic in the blur of the peloton, although it was later claimed some riders were unaware of the alteration.
Hall-effect position sensors for monitoring of the voltage in the unenergized field winding are used to determine when to commutate.
The toroidal field winding facility is located on the premises of ASG, supplier to the European Domestic Agency and part of a European consortium that includes Iberdrola and Elytt.
The lack of slip rings, brushes and field winding losses have always been viewed as distinct advantages over that of conventional, wound field machines[5][8].
A synchronous generator may be excited by traditional current-carrying field winding or by permanent magnet system of high energy.
Baumuller's engineer working with the D12R in portable mode, disconnected the motor supply leads and systematically tested the field winding as a whole composite, as well as the armature windings within the instrument diagnosis program.
Chapters cover generator normal operations, generator short circuit calculations, generator differential relay, backup fault protection, generator ground fault protection, unbalanced current protection, motoring protection, field winding protection, overexcitation, abnormal frequency protection, minimum excitation limiter, loss of synchronism, loss of field protection, synchronization protection, accidental energization protection, and motor protection.
The field winding temperatures are maintained between 25 and 35 K through a commercial refrigeration system that pumps a chilled gas through the rotor by way of a cold head.
Now that you have the motor removed from the pump, carefully take it apart and remove the armature from the field winding.