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Noun1.fieldhand - a hired hand on a farmfieldhand - a hired hand on a farm    
dairymaid, milkmaid - a woman who works in a dairy
dairyman - a man who works in a dairy
farmerette - a woman working on a farm
gleaner - someone who picks up grain left in the field by the harvesters
harvester, reaper - someone who helps to gather the harvest
hired hand, hired man, hand - a hired laborer on a farm or ranch; "the hired hand fixed the railing"; "a ranch hand"
picker - someone who gathers crops or fruits etc.
ploughman, plower, plowman - a man who plows
waterer - someone who waters plants or crops
weeder - a farmhand hired to remove weeds
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Highlights included the red wine Tom, which came with a moving backstory as a dedication to former fieldhand Tom Preston, and the sweet Riesling Ice Wine.
(17) In both "The Goophered Grapevine" and "Dave's Neckliss," Julius narrates the transformation of a slave into a form of food--either all but literally, through conjure, or, in the latter story, through a kind of psychological terrorism: Dave, a literate, widely respected fieldhand, forced to wear a ham around his neck after being accused of stealing one, comes to believe he is a ham and hangs himself in a smokehouse.
(6) It is significant that, unlike Ben, Bundy is a fieldhand with a proportionally more direct connection to the folk and less incentive to implication in the power structure of the white elite, and thus a more fitting heroic inspiration for Gabriel.
Unlike the powerful or potentially powerful who must fight the Ring's temptation to multiply their strength and influence, Sam's humility is his protection from the Ring; power cannot tempt the simple plowman or fieldhand of the Middle Ages or the gardener of Middle-earth who finds contentment in fulfilling the role assigned him.
Under the stern eye of Red's skeptical lawyer (Bill Cobbs), Jason reluctantly (and resentfully) begins a curriculum that involves grueling fieldhand work for a Texas rancher (Brian Dennehy) and hardscrabble struggle as a homeless wretch after eviction from his posh apartment.
There he became a fieldhand and experienced the true suffering of a slave.
16r-16v "Just as the shipman, driven abroad over the waves, rejoices to tread the fertile earth, or the hardened fieldhand to slake his thirst from the babbling brook at hot harvest-season."
I didn't like it because we left the Delta for this reason, too much racism and prejudice existed, and now to have come up here and find that racism was just as bad, and that white folk in the North had a place for black folk just like they did down South, was disappointin', but I wasn't willin' to be on another plantation, a fieldhand in the factory workin' like a Mississippi slave.
The latter stretches into our history, to the pitting of slave overseer against slave fieldhand in our guilt-infested memory of slavery.
In Keats's story, after helping around the house, and then working as a fieldhand on a nearby farm, John Henry finds work on a riverboat.
Big Daddy, who was once a fieldhand and so knows firsthand the taint of being owned, and who has sufficient social conscience to be abhorred by the poverty he saw on his European travels, had been taken in by Straw and Ochello and had inherited the land from them; so their patrimony, the power they pass on, is both financial as well as sexual in nature.
The innkeeper in the final portion of part one, for example, notes that during harvest time, after a hard day's labor, the illiterate fieldhands gather at the inn to listen to someone read a story or a chapter of a book to them.