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1. A temporary military fortification erected in the field.
2. Work done or firsthand observations made in the field as opposed to that done or observed in a controlled environment.
3. The collecting of sociological or anthropological data in the field.

field′work′er n.


1. (Military) military a temporary structure used in defending or fortifying a place or position
2. an investigation or search for material, data, etc, made in the field as opposed to the classroom, laboratory, or official headquarters
ˈfieldˌworker n


or field′ work`,

work done in the field, as research, exploration, surveying, or interviewing.
field′work`er, n.
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Noun1.fieldwork - a temporary fortification built by troops in the field
fortification, munition - defensive structure consisting of walls or mounds built around a stronghold to strengthen it
عَمَل مَيداني
práce v terénu
külsõ munkaterepmunka
práca v teréne
alan/arazi çalışması


[ˈfiːldˌwɜːk] n (Sociol) → ricerche fpl esterne (Archeology, Geo) → lavoro sul campo


(fiːld) noun
1. a piece of land enclosed for growing crops, keeping animals etc. Our house is surrounded by fields.
2. a wide area. playing fields (= an area for games, sports etc).
3. a piece of land etc where minerals or other natural resources are found. an oil-field; a coalfield.
4. an area of knowledge, interest, study etc. in the fields of literature/economic development; her main fields of interest.
5. an area affected, covered or included by something. a magnetic field; in his field of vision.
6. an area of battle. the field of Waterloo; (also adjective) a field-gun.
(in cricket, basketball etc) to catch (the ball) and return it.
ˈfield-glasses noun plural
ˈfieldwork noun
work done outside the laboratory, office etc (eg collecting information).
References in classic literature ?
Not only where you are- at the heart of affairs and of the world- is the talk all of war, even here amid fieldwork and the calm of nature- which townsfolk consider characteristic of the country- rumors of war are heard and painfully felt.
Fieldwork is an "essential bridge" for connecting theory to practice (American Occupational Therapy Association [AOTA], 2009, p.
Fieldwork in Timor-Leste: Understanding Social Change through Practice.
With some help from colleagues, she covers what professionalism is and professionalism in the classroom, for the occupational therapy fieldwork student, and in clinical practice.
Wolcott's (2005) The Art of Fieldwork proffers a treatise to fieldworkers from all fields to synthesise the artistic and the scientific.
fieldwork is tobegin after november 1, 2016 and the division prefers that fieldwork at the county offices be completed by december 15, 2016.
Among the anniversaries being celebrated by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) this year are 60 years of the Society's Expeditions and Geographical Fieldwork Grants and 40 years of the annual fieldwork and expeditions planning weekend seminar, Explore.
The 71-credit two-year AAS degree consists of general education courses, courses in occupational therapy theory and skills, and fieldwork.
Red Stamps and Gold Stars: Fieldwork Dilemmas in Upland Southeast Asia.
As part of a five-year award from the National Science Foundation's Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) program, five undergraduate students and a principal investigator, author Cheong, participated in two weeks of fieldwork in coastal Louisiana in January of 2014.
Fieldwork, occupational therapy, psychiatry, sensory modulation
It's a basic process in the development of fieldwork which will yield positive results.