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1. A temporary military fortification erected in the field.
2. Work done or firsthand observations made in the field as opposed to that done or observed in a controlled environment.
3. The collecting of sociological or anthropological data in the field.

field′work′er n.
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Noun1.fieldworker - a researcher who works in the field
investigator, research worker, researcher - a scientist who devotes himself to doing research
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The authors, for example, question how being European, Asian, or Timorese affects the fieldworker's attempts to collect information.
It's when they don't respond that a fieldworker is sent to the home.
Safa' said to PCHR's fieldworker that on 01 April 2019, she left the Gaza Strip along with her husband to al-Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem through Beit Hanoun "Erez" Crossing.
Severn Trent has sent drivers to 50 reports of leaks in the last two weeks to take videos for it's Virtual Fieldworker Programme.
With it, a single fieldworker is able to more quickly and safely accomplish what may otherwise have taken multiple field staff and costly equipment.
On the other hand, there's Josephine, the DAPP HIV-AIDS fieldworker, who encourages people to know their HIV status and take care of themselves physically should they learn they are inected.
The delivery of day-to-day services to families and actual work with families, either at the offices of the organisation or at families' private residential addresses, is done by fieldworkers. Half of the workload carried by each individual fieldworker includes direct work with families and includes aspects of support mentioned previously.
Within these cartographic events lies insight into the psychology of the namer and the means by which the fieldworker accesses this psychology.
An undercover fieldworker from Women's Rights Without Frontiers [WRWF ]arrived at her door just in time with a message of hope and the resources to back it up.
Farhadian, professor of world religions and Christian mission at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA, is an experienced fieldworker in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, with a focus on Islam.
"It was a bit of a surprise", said John, who was nominated for the award by Communities Who Can fieldworker Maxine Edwards.
It was picked up by Brian Hegarty, a volunteer barn owl fieldworker with Ulster Wildlife.