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 (fīr′ē, fī′ə-rē)
adj. fier·i·er, fier·i·est
a. Consisting of or containing fire.
b. Burning or glowing.
c. Using or effected with fire.
d. Easily ignited; flammable.
2. Having the color of fire; brightly red: fiery hair; a fiery sunset.
a. Torridly hot.
b. Feverishly hot and flushed: fiery cheeks.
c. Being in an inflamed, usually painful condition: a fiery boil.
a. Easily excited or emotionally volatile; tempestuous: a fiery temper.
b. Charged with emotion; spirited: a fiery denunciation.

[Middle English firi, from fir, fire; see fire.]

fier′i·ly adv.
fier′i·ness n.
fier′y adv.
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Adv.1.fierily - with passionate fervor; "both those for and against are fervently convinced they speak for the great majority of the people"; "a fierily opinionated book"
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The wonderful Sherry Baines steals all the scenes with her magnificent portrayal of the man-hating Beatrice - fierily repelling, but eventually succumbing to Philip Bretherton's superbly stiff-upper-lipped Benedick in Peter Rowe's well-paced post-First World War production.
Horace implies that the effects thereof are similar to the effects caused by ingesting hemlock and the fierily spells cast by Madea and Canidia.
The dynamic between O'Neill and Keane, who possesses a fierily reputation within the game, will be of primary concern to Irish fans while John O'Shea, who captained Ireland against Germany last month was subject to criticism during the back-end of the midfielder's career at Old Trafford.