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A small, high-pitched, transverse flute used primarily to accompany drums in a military or marching band.
v. fifed, fif·ing, fifes
To play a fife.
To perform (a piece or tune) on or as if on a fife.

[Probably German Pfeife, from Middle High German pfīfe, from Old High German pfīffa, from Vulgar Latin *pīpa, from Latin pīpāre, to chirp.]

fif′er n.


A region of eastern Scotland between the Firths of Forth and Tay. It was once a Pict kingdom.
References in classic literature ?
On hearing this Trifaldin bent the knee to the ground, and making a sign to the fifer and drummers to strike up, he turned and marched out of the garden to the same notes and at the same pace as when he entered, leaving them all amazed at his bearing and solemnity.
After looking at it for a little while as she plies her needle, he looks to young Woolwich, sitting on his stool in the corner, and beckons that fifer to him.
He was moreover a fifer in the National Guard,--to escape his turn of sitting up all night in a barrack-room.
Fifer Orchards recognized for their overall contribution to agriculture at the Delaware Agricultural Industry Dinner on Thursday evening were presented with the Secretarys Award for Distinguished Service to Delaware Agriculture.
Fifer retires from that position at the next annual shareholders' meeting on 9 May 2017.
Our earnings increased 55 percent in 2013, driven by the 40 percent growth in sales and our ongoing focus on continuous improvement in our operations," said Michael Fifer, Ruger CEO.
said in a regulatory filing that CEO Michael Fifer received a 10 percent raise in salary to $550,000 for CP fiscal 2013.
Founder Matt Fifer has joined with others to create the Consumer Product Innovation Lab and a workshop called Selling to the Masses meant to help get new products onto retailers' shelves.
If you turned to look back toward the entrance you saw Velazquez's Adoration, 1619--hung back to back with Manet's Christ and facing The Fifer.
Simultaneous to this program, the Principal of Fifer Middle School in Caesar Rodney School District in Kent County Delaware was in the throws of developing a program to assist academically at-risk students at her school.
Joy Fifer, who dedicated her life to saving Moseley Bog and securing it as a local nature reserve, died on Monday night at the age of 62 in a nursing home following a complication with a lung transplant.
Family and friends joined William and Gwen Fifer, of North Hollywood as they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Nov.