fifty percent

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Noun1.fifty percent - a half expressed as a percentagefifty percent - a half expressed as a percentage  
half, one-half - one of two equal parts of a divisible whole; "half a loaf"; "half an hour"; "a century and one half"
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ISLAMABAD -- The government has withdrawn the ordinance aimed at recovering fifty percent of the stuck revenue in Gas Infrastructure Development Cess.
It is anticipated that General Cannabis will pay consideration consisting of fifty percent cash and fifty percent in shares of the Company's common stock for substantially all of the tangible and intangible assets of the Business.
ISLAMABAD -- Fifty percent victims of domestic violence avoid to report their cases in Punjab.
The bench also directed the private schools to pay back fifty percent of the fee they collected in the summer vacations from the parents or adjust them in the coming months.
According to the order, the ministry of textile said that the duty drawback would be allowed for the shipments made from July 01,2018 to June 30, 2012 to the whole of Pakistan including exports from Export Processing Zones is stated as Fifty percent of the rate of drawback shall be provided without condition of increment.
In a 20-page resolution, the PET said: "After assiduously going through the parties' comments and arguments, the Court herein resolves to partially grant the Subject Motion insofar as setting aside the use of fifty percent (50%) threshold in the revision proceedings is concerned." .
Fifty percent of Texans backed Cruz, while 39 percent supported O'Rourke in the coming U.S.
Summary: New Delhi(India), Mar 9 (ANI): Jindal South West (JSW) Sports on Friday announced that it will acquire fifty percent stake of the Indian Premier League(IPL) team, Delhi Daredevils, with GMR Group holding on to the rest fifty percent.
ISLAMABAD -- Punjab government has started a programme to provide fifty percent subsidy for installation of tunnel on three thousand acres of land under Khadim-e-Kisan package.
Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervaz Khattak said his province could live without US aid as fifty percent of the money for projects was taken back by concerned American departments.