fifty percent

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Noun1.fifty percent - a half expressed as a percentagefifty percent - a half expressed as a percentage  
half, one-half - one of two equal parts of a divisible whole; "half a loaf"; "half an hour"; "a century and one half"
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Summary: New Delhi(India), Mar 9 (ANI): Jindal South West (JSW) Sports on Friday announced that it will acquire fifty percent stake of the Indian Premier League(IPL) team, Delhi Daredevils, with GMR Group holding on to the rest fifty percent.
He said that fifty percent fee would be charged from the O level students while fifty percent subsidy would be given to the students.
HANGU -- A joint meeting of the district, tehsils and village council's Nazims with district Nazim, Mufti Obaidullah in the chair Monday warned to start protest for indefinite period if the KP government did not withdraw the decision imposing fifty percent deduction on the development funds.
Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervaz Khattak said his province could live without US aid as fifty percent of the money for projects was taken back by concerned American departments.
Fifty percent of business comes from retail and fifty percent from wholesale.
Summary: Olympic organisers say only fifty percent of tickets for the 100m final will be available to the British public.
If no candidate receives fifty percent of the votes go to step 3.
Written to inspire fifty percent of America's population to make up fifty percent of the government (a percentage that is unfortunately a far cry to the actual numbers of today's world), "Pearls Politics & Power" is a must for any woman aspiring to gain anything from town council membership to a senate seat, a governor's chair, or even the Oval Office.
home size has increased forty percent in one generation, and the number of 4,000 square foot homes is up fifty percent in the past fifteen years," said consumer advocate Clark Howard on a recent talk show.
Fifty percent of the equity will be held by Sigma, while Freudenberg and NOK will jointly hold fifty percent.
Since the acquisition, the Wildman portfolio has been completely retooled and the beer segment, which constituted nearly fifty percent of the Beer Import Company's volume, completely eliminated by February of 2006.