fifty-cent piece

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Noun1.fifty-cent piece - a United States coin worth half of a dollarfifty-cent piece - a United States coin worth half of a dollar
coin - a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money
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A little girl had her dollar bill, a fifty-cent piece, a dime, and a dime with two pennies.
Over and over, a child of less than ten years of age, steps into a drug-store with a fifty-cent piece and a small scrap of paper, inscribed with one word, "morphine." No name is signed.
The individual titles comprising this truly outstanding and thoroughly 'kid friendly' series include: Dimes; Fifty-Cent Pieces; Five-Dollar Bills; Nickels: One Hundred-Dollar Bills; One-Dollar Bills; Pennies; Quarters; Silver Dollars; Ten-Dollar Bills; Twenty-Dollar Bills; and Two-Dollar Bills.