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Adj.1.fifty-eight - being eight more than fiftyfifty-eight - being eight more than fifty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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The representatives of these eight millions in the House of Commons amount to five hundred and fifty-eight.
For fifty-eight years have I lived in this world and never known anything so disgraceful
In 1907 four hundred and fifty-eight thousand independent telephones were linked by wire to the nearest Bell Company; and in 1908 these were followed by three hundred and fifty thousand more.
The chevalier, now fifty-eight years of age, owned to only fifty; and he might well allow himself that innocent deception, for, among the other advantages granted to fair thin persons, he managed to preserve the still youthful figure which saves men as well as women from an appearance of old age.
In eighteen hundred and fifty-eight the household was enlivened by the arrival of Sir Thomas Lundie.
Aristotle in his Constitutions had made a study of one hundred and fifty-eight constitutions of the states of his day, and the fruits of that study are seen in the continual reference to concrete political experience, which makes the Politics in some respects a critical history of the workings of the institutions of the Greek city state.
Thick-set and stout, she was seen about the country, on foot or in an acquaintance's cart, perpetually moving, in spite of her fifty-eight years, in steady pursuit of business.
Summary: Srinagar (India), Mar 9 (ANI): The Border Security Force (BSF) Kashmir Frontier sent fifty-eight members of four football teams for an educational-cum-motivational 'Bharat Darshan' tour to Kolkata on Friday.
During the meeting NIH Executive Director told the meeting currently work was going on fifty-eight projects and estimated cost of these projects was Rs.
Tenders are invited for The objective of the phoenix program is to maintain a statewide finance and human resources system, with the same core configuration, for the fifty-eight (58) superior courts.
French Canadian Rebels as Australian Convicts: The Experiences of the Fifty-Eight Lower Canadians Transported to Australia in 1839
The average woman spends fifty-eight The average woman spends fifty-eight days of her life shaving or waxing unwanted hair