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Adj.1.fifty-five - being five more than fiftyfifty-five - being five more than fifty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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She was knocked down to her for fifty-five quid by the third-assistant-resident-commissioner.
In the District of Minas alone, there were destroyed two hundred and fifty-five houses, two hundred and seventy-six barns, one hundred and fifty-five outhouses, eleven mills, and one church; and the friends of those who refused to surrender were threatened as the victims of their obstinacy.
She was looking at a humble stone which told of a young man who had died at twenty-three years old, fifty-five years ago, when she heard a faltering step approaching, and looking round saw a feeble woman bent with the weight of years, who tottered to the foot of that same grave and asked her to read the writing on the stone.
a fellow who makes off with fifty-five thousand pounds, no robber?
At fifty-five he was not only a ruined man, but loaded with a terrible debt of
Instead of making one hundred and fifty-five francs out of the toil and privations, and self- denial of poor Adrienne, she found her own advantages unexpectedly lessened to fifty-five; or, only a trifle more than one hundred per cent.
We have got so far east, now--a hundred and fifty-five degrees of longitude from San Francisco--that my watch can not "keep the hang" of the time any more.
Polynesia asked them how many miles they had yet to go; and the flying-fishes said it was only fifty-five miles now to the coast of Africa.
There are only fifty-five thousand telephones to thirty-two million people--as many as in Norway and less than in Denmark.
Bertuccio," said he, "give fifty-five thousand francs to monsieur.
I've pretty well done with my wild oats-- turned fifty-five.
The edifice is of hewn stone, one story high, two hundred and ten feet in front, and about fifty-five feet deep.