fighting chair

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fight·ing chair

A chair that usually can swivel and rock or be positioned at an angle and is equipped with a footrest and rod holders for use on a boat when landing a large fish.
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Noun1.fighting chair - a fixed chair from which a saltwater angler can fight a hooked fish
chair - a seat for one person, with a support for the back; "he put his coat over the back of the chair and sat down"
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About 15 minutes later, Nate and I were standing behind the fighting chair and talking.
Replace the fighting chair in your boat with a rowing machine.
The Old Man and the Sea was how I saw it panning out - far out in the ocean, strapped into a fighting chair wrestling a gigantic marlin on the end of my line.
Specializes in making and fitting boat covers, tonneau covers, seat and console covers, enclosures for sport fishing boats and fighting chair covers, dinghy covers , upholster for boats from 20' -250' all styles and types.
Braced in a fighting chair, our older son, Cullen, lands a 79-pound sailfish that leaps on the screen, providing a virtual fight real enough to tire small forearms.
All you really need is a measurement and a photograph or two; and Nutter will faithfully reproduce that glorious fish you caught one day wading in Big Pass, or sitting in a teak fighting chair 125 miles offshore.
Thomasville's "Pilar Fighting Chair," named for Ernest Hemingway's boat, serves as kitchen stool or barstool and replicates a fishing-boat chair used by the author.
When finally I collapsed into the fighting chair after all else went awry and the rod was secured, the reel handle was rotated with surprising ease.
Get in the fighting chair to battle the big trophy fish of the Atlantic Ocean with Deep Sea Challenge(tm), the latest action game from Expert Software (Nasdaq:XPRT).
All fish can be caught using standup tackle but many charters can provide a fighting chair if the angler does not feel comfortable using standup tackle.
On a game-fishing boat like the Hula Girl, it is properly called the fighting chair.
Without these, that rod is going to stay in the rod holder or fighting chair.