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Of, consisting of, or forming a pictorial composition of human or animal figures.

fig′ur·al·ly adv.


obsolete figuratively, by means of a figure
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Thus De Genova (2010) suggests that the massive 2006 migrant protests in the United States might be read as figurally queer, precisely in their embodied immanence, their risky, defiant insistence, "
not referentially but figurally, by means of images, metaphors, metonymies--figures of speech .
Peacock uses the wall not only as a literal boundary, but also as a metaphor for the ancient ways of the Welsh, both of which crumble under pressure from the sea: the wall literally dissolves, and in so doing figurally retells the naval conquest of the Welsh, first by the Saxons and later by the Normans.
Origen's allegory, in this case, figurally makes present ancient scriptural narration to the contemporary reader, thus contributing, through Scripture, a form of holiness that Origen claims is vital to Christian perfection.
Moments like this one outweighed several pairings--particulatly that of Xooang Choi's suspended heads and the late Tetsuya Ishida's paintings of collective dystopias--where figurally or conceptually similar works were placed too close for comfort, as well as a preachy preponderance of testimonial realist painting (Gulsiin Karamustafa's "Prison Paintings," 1972-78, made in a Turkish women's prison during the artist's political detention; Liu Xiaodong's "Battlefield Realism: The Eighteen Arhats," 2004, a series of monumental portraits of Taiwanese and Chinese soldiers stationed on opposite sides of the strait).
In the years that immediately followed Raphael's death, Giulio's independent work became darker, figurally over-ambitious and compositionally agitated, almost precarious.
of Nebraska Press, 1986), 281-87, reads Troilus and Criseyde as an analogous instance of characters (the narrator, Pandarus, Troilus, and Criseyde) who through bad reading, writing, and speaking fail to perceive their militant language of amorousness as figurally repeating broader historical patterns.
No doubt that is what lyric emotion is: experience intensified rhythmically, phonetically, figurally into something different from, and more significant than, the actual.
Thus, Ambrose's claim that all visible bodies are fundamentally figures for the same set of invisible realities allows him to see himself as physically and figurally tied to multiple bodies, indeed bodies of all kinds.
Figurally, Banksy's Guantanamo doll and the prosthetically defaced Guantanamo detainees are transmogrified into one spectre: Muselmann figuren/dolls.
Figurally conceived, the measures he codified for the reform of slave discipline and management at Hordley may be seen as the spatializing capacities of nationspace acting as a prophylactic in colonyspace (Journal, entry for March 4, 1818).