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1. The act of forming something into a particular shape.
2. A shape, form, or outline.
3. The act of representing with figures.
4. A figurative representation.
5. Music
a. Ornamentation of a passage by embellishing and often repeating figures.
b. The pattern made by such embellishment or repetition.
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1. (Classical Music) music
a. the employment of characteristic patterns of notes, esp in variations on a theme
b. decoration or florid ornamentation in general
2. (Rhetoric) the act or an instance of representing figuratively, as by means of allegory or emblem
3. (Art Terms) a figurative or emblematic representation
4. (Art Terms) the act of decorating with a design
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(ˌfɪg yəˈreɪ ʃən)

1. the act of shaping into a particular figure.
2. the resulting figure or shape: emblematic figurations of the sun and the moon.
3. the act of representing figuratively.
4. a figurative representation.
5. the act of marking or adorning with a design.
a. musical ornamentation used to embellish a melodic line.
b. the figuring of a bass part.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Latin]
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Noun1.figuration - representing figuratively as by emblem or allegory
representation - an activity that stands as an equivalent of something or results in an equivalent
symbolising, symbolizing - the act of representing something with a symbol
2.figuration - decorating with a design
decoration - the act of decorating something (in the hope of making it more attractive)
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Figuration makes a morbid comeback in CCP 13 Artists Awards !-- -- Ronald Achacoso calls it "the revenge of figuration." Among the generations of Thirteen Artist Awardees is Achacoso.
The Fondation Gandur pour l'Art (FGA) revealed on Monday that it has published an English Language version of its catalogue titled The Narrative Figuration, representing an European artistic movement created in Paris in the 1960s.
Embedded within his work is a long-standing dialogue between the island cultures of Crete and Ynys Mon: works are made with Welsh material in Greece and vice-versa, often acknowledging the remarkable geological similarities of the two island and extending to the study of Greek icon painting and its relation to figuration and abstraction.
In Ghostly Figures: Memory and Belatedness in Postwar American Poetry, Ann Keniston reopens two topics that are central to thinking about poetry but that each present a number of potential snares for the scholar who aims to train a critical eye upon them: temporality and figuration. Both topics are seemingly ubiquitous; they are not only the subjects of myriad books and articles written over the past several decades, but they are also topics that have occupied poets incessantly.
While we recognize the author's in-depth engagement with parts of the exhibition (and the accompanying publication), we strongly oppose his cursory take on the feminist argument that animates all three sections of "Painting 2.0." This argument is most strongly put forward in--but not exclusive to--a section titled "Eccentric Figuration," which, according to Bankowsky, might have been "sacrificed" in order to achieve a "more streamlined whole." The streamlined whole he envisioned would not include artists associated with the feminist A.I.R.
4- Barg Leil : S'attaquant a plus forte partie, il n'y a pas lieu de trop s'attarder sur ses chances, car sa participation se limitera encore une fois a de la simple figuration. 5- Taviana : Cette jument de grande qualite qui a battu dans des conditions plus relevees que celles du jour des importes a la qualite reconnue, sera a ne pas en douter la favorite en puissance de ce Quarte-Quinte rehausse par une tres belle cagnotte.
Semantic change is an important part of African American slang and involves two mechanisms: figuration and shifting.
Its oscillation between figuration and abstraction might even provoke a reexamination of aesthetic taxonomies.
So elaborate is his application of color to represent the effects of light and shadow -- Yazici renders detail with acrylic pens -- that figuration, while realistic enough, is almost secondary.
In "What the Miner in the Desert Said," the miner, in his delirium, sees the moon as "a brass-hooped water keg/ A wondrous water feast." If only he could climb the ridge and drink and give his beast water, he could rise and dig for ore again, "And not be food for ants and hawks/ And perish in the sand." A fast piano figuration with accents that suggest staggering in the desert forms the introduction.
"Figuration tends to be deeply unfashionable - but so much so that now it's fashionable!" jokes Gavin Delahunty, co-curator of Tracing the Century: Drawing as a Catalyst for Change.
L'approche picturale de Kabbaj (vit et travaille a Casablanca) se presente comme une interpretation subjective de la realite objective : le tableau n'est pas le sujet, mais la maniere de voir le sujet .C'est un pretexte pour concevoir un langage plastique relevant de la nouvelle figuration qui oscille entre la figuration allusive et l'abstraction expressive.