figure loom

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Noun1.figure loom - a loom for weaving figured fabricsfigure loom - a loom for weaving figured fabrics  
loom - a textile machine for weaving yarn into a textile
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You expected to see her colossal figure loom through that reeking blue cloud of smoke from frying fat just as you expect the Palisades to appear through a drifting Hudson River fog.
Sins of the father figure loom large in Daisuke Tengan's screenplay, which is based on a story by Ryu Murakami.
Rizal's figure looms large in the collective imagination of the Philippines, but the letters should show he was like any human, whose humanity would make his rife for heroism, said Nakpil:
Bolano's figure looms large over the members of the group: they are inextricably linked to his work thanks to their representation as the "Visceral Realists" in his novel The Savage Detectives (1998).
Standing eight metres high, the figure looms over the landscape looking down from the Bothy garden out towards Longside.