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1. Of or relating to a thread.
2. Having fine threads across the field of view for measuring small distances, as in the eyepiece of a telescope.

[From Latin fīlum, thread; see gwhī- in Indo-European roots.]


1. of thread
2. (General Physics) (of an optical instrument) having fine threads across the eyepiece forming a reticle or set of cross wires
[C19: from Latin fīlum thread]


(ˈfaɪ lər)

1. of or pertaining to a thread or threads.
2. having threads or the like.
[1870–75; < Latin fīl(um) a thread + -ar1]
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Adj.1.filar - related to or having filaments (especially across a field of view as in the eyepiece of a telescope); "a filar eyepiece"
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he used a filar micrometer to determine its right ascension and declination by measuring its offset from 2 Cygni, whose coordinates were in the star catalog of John Flamsteed.
50 v), "dizen que ella fue la que invento el uso del algodon, como se havia de filar, alimpiar y texer, assi como otros havian primero fallado la lana y el lino".
Notes: questions should be emailed to cheryl filar, stormwater program manager, cfilar@cityofvista.
One of the service's ultimate goals is to produce better protection, but at an affordable price, said Chip Filar, deputy associate director of ground systems survivability and ballistic protection at TARDEC.
The prepared slides were viewed under a Meiji petrographic microscope fitted with a Lasico digital filar eyepiece.
Beth Filar Williams was a primary investigator and is now the department head for the library experience and access department (LEAD) at Oregon State University Libraries and Press.
Standard measurements were taken, on parts on the slides, with a filar micrometer mounted on the optic microscope; abbreviations of parts measured are as follows: FW: length of right forewing, HW: length of right hindwing, F, T, t1 and t2: lengths of femur, tibia, and tarsomeres 1 and 2 of right hind leg, f1 .
Multiple primary wire and jacket filar materials, including ETFE, PFA, FEP, PEEK, Polyethylene, and Polyurethane
A 2011 book chapter titled, "Librarians as Sustainability Advocates, Educators and Entrepreneurs," coauthored by Sarah Dorsey, Beth Filar Williams, and Anne Less, profiles sustainability leaders in the library profession according to their roles as advocates, educators, entrepreneurs, and embedded librarians.
Parque Industrial Filar, Buenos Aires, b1629mxa Argentina
Rejecting all political dogma, he mocked the rote doctrinaire responses of radical filmmakers in The Man Who Left His Will on Filar (1970) and made ideological foes into doubles, united by their impotence, in his coruscating Night and Fog in Japan (1960)--its title provocatively lifted from Alain Resnais's renowned 1955 documentary about the Holocaust.