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 (fĭl′ə-cho͝or′, -chər)
1. The act or process of spinning, drawing, or twisting into threads.
2. The act or process of reeling raw silk from cocoons.
3. A reel used in drawing silk from cocoons.
4. An establishment where silk is reeled.

[French, from Late Latin fīlātus, past participle of fīlāre, to spin; see filament.]
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1. (Textiles) the act or process of spinning silk, etc, into threads
2. (Textiles) the reel used for this
3. (Textiles) a place where such spinning or reeling is done
[C18: from Medieval Latin fīlātūra the art of spinning, from fīlāre to spin thread; see filament]
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(ˈfɪl ə tʃər, -ˌtʃʊər)

an establishment for reeling silk.
[1750–60; < French < Medieval Latin fīlātūra the spinning art < Late Latin fīlāt(us) spun (past participle of fīlāre; see filament) + Latin -ūra -ure]
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Noun1.filature - a bobbin used in spinning silk into threadfilature - a bobbin used in spinning silk into thread
bobbin, spool, reel - a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound
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D'abord l'ecotaxe, puis la montee en fleche du cout de l'energie: ce champion national de la filature semble s'etouffer dans ses couts de production.
Les quantites de filature et de textiles produites par le complexe permettront de faire croitre sensiblement les capacites du secteur de textile en Algerie.
The process of silk production in J and K kickstarted with setting up of two filature units in 1870.
Filature silk displaced hand-reeled silk in export markets where uniformity was important for use with mechanical looms.
Et vivable vraiment la presence due aux mots; sans eux on n'echapperait pas a la chaotique filature du temps ni a la puissance de l'instant laisse a luimeme--seuls les animaux y excellent.
Incidentally, should the PBS 23-hour filature documentary on the War of 1812 be re-screened, don't miss it!
Sponsors include Oerlikon Textile, Newlife by Filature Miroglio and TenCate.
No caso em questao, levou o detetive a seus lugares preferidos e o resultado foi La Filature (1981).