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tr.v. filched, filch·ing, filch·es
To take (something, especially something of little value) in a furtive manner; snitch. See Synonyms at steal.

[Middle English filchen.]

filch′er n.
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He hired a stable a short distance from his lodgings, and engaged a man named Filcher as groom.
Filcher was cleaning my feet at the time, but they soon saw him, and though he blustered a good deal they walked him off to the "lock-up", and his boy with him.
Dost thou presume To approach my doors, thou brazen-faced rogue, My murderer and the filcher of my crown?
Mark the successful man, the merchant prince with argosies on every sea, the employer of thousands of hands, the munificent contributor to public charities, the churchwarden, the member of parliament, and the generous patron of his relatives his self-approbation struggling with the instinctive sense of baseness in the money-hunter, the ignorant and greedy filcher of the labor of others, the seller of his own mind and manhood for luxuries and delicacies that he was too lowlived to enjoy, and for the society of people who made him feel his inferiority at every turn."
Meanwhile, as in the finest of Shakespearean comedies, two weddings are planned: one hinging on the timid George Campbell plucking up enough (Dutch?) courage to stand up to his disapproving mother, the other involving a leading English Officer's romance with the daughter of a leading whisky filcher!
While the research on self-regulation in other classroom settings abounds (Bercher, 2012; Cleary et al., 2008; Hughes et al., 2002; Munby et al., 2007; Zimmerman & Martinez-Pons, 1986), only a few Journal of Agricultural Education articles have examined metacognition in general (Pate & Miller, 2011a; Pate & Miller, 2011b; Pate & Miller, 2011c), with only one specifically studying SRL (Filcher & Miller, 2000).
Act 5 begins with the entrance of Leatherhead, now Lantern the puppet-master, instructing his doorkeepers Filcher and Sharkwell to hang out "the signe of our inuention" (K3r; 5.1.1).
Polls show people don't like politicians, and Trump, as a first-time candidate, isn't a standard politician. Political commentator Brian Filcher said: "Trump has positioned himself as the anti-elite candidate, which has made him more or less immune to criticism from the parties and the media."
Through questioning Gina's friends, battling filcher demons, and discovering an ancient and dangerous book of sorcery, they discover that the culprits are evil creatures of the underworld, the Sisters of Witchdown.