file extension

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file′ exten`sion

extension (def. 12).
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Web storage file location on Windows Platform File Extension File Type Chrome .localStorage SQLite .localStorage-journal FireFox .sessionStorage JavaScript Samsung .localStorage.localStorage-journal SQLite Opera .localStorage SQLite .localStorage-journal Web Explorer .localStorage SQLite .localStorage-journal File Extension Number of Files Chrome .localStorage # of origins * 2 .localStorage-journal FireFox .sessionStorage # of origins * 2 Samsung .localStorage.localStorage-journal # of origins * 2 Opera .localStorage # of origins * 2 .localStorage-journal Web Explorer .localStorage # of origins * 2 .localStorage-journal Table 3.
File extensions have been around since personal computers were first invented, and common ones are .TIF, .BMP, and .JPEG, all three of which indicate that the file is some variety of a graphic or image file.
Use mod_rewrite to send all file requests coming in with the wrong file extension to the correct one.
FileDen technologies allow all file extensions to be uploaded and shared while providing direct linking.
DivX Plus HD Certified devices will playback previous versions of DivX video, premium content in the DivX format and DivX Plus HD video files with the .mkv file extension and AAC audio created with third-party tools.
This ensures that data are secure unless the user specifically modifies the file extension (e.g., changing .xls to .old, then moving the file to another machine, and finally changing the extension back to .xls).
* File Types--displays the file types associated with a particular file extension and the application to be run if you double-click on the icon.
Before executing the macro, the images to be analyzed must all share the same file extension and be named so that they share a root name and each image contains a unique, consecutive number at the end of the file name (example: Plot01.jpg, Plot02.jpg, Plot03.jpg ...).
The worm also creates its copies with .exe file extension in the system folder.
Q I HAVE received an attachment with a file extension .dat and I can't open it.
WMA files, which use the '.wma' file extension, can be of any size compressed to match many different connection speeds or bandwidths.