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Noun1.file folder - folder that holds papers together in a filing cabinetfile folder - folder that holds papers together in a filing cabinet
folder - covering that is folded over to protect the contents
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The company said that the new version features a single integrated enterprise console for policies and profiles which provides support for Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) Windows (including Windows 7 64 bit), Mac OS and/or Linux support, OPAL Self-Encrypting Drives (SED), Full-Disk and File Folder Encryption, removable media encryption, portable and secure USB encryption and Intel Anti-Theft Technology.
At the end of each day, the paper documents are scanned and uploaded to the office server into an electronic file designated as the general file relating to that client and the paper document is then filed in a paper file folder labeled with the client's name and the designation "general file.
Then, look for combinations that make sense, such as memos from the administration and revisions to school policies being placed in separate manila folders but the same hanging file folder labeled "Administration.
Doing a manual, making a file folder and sticking pieces of paper in it takes at least 10 minutes.
Copy these questions and keep them in a file folder along with other file folders on special needs patients and you'll be prepared to interact with these individuals should the opportunity present itself.
For added flexibility, each file folder can be defined with a different storage method.
Each category--such as audit, consulting or tax--should have its own color, either by file folder or tab color.
In 1996, Southeastern Security began using an imaging system, which allowed the company to combine electronic documents and digital photographs with scanned paper documents, pictures and faxes and store them all in an electronic file folder.
A recent version featured a small manila file folder with the recipient's name computer-printed on the tab on the envelope.
A file folder with a jet of water spurting out of it, for example, might well have been interpreted as a reference to an outdoor fountain, but the predominant association was art historical - it seemed to reference in particular Duchamp's urinal.