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also file name  (fīl′nām′)
A name given to a computer file to distinguish it from other files, often containing an extension that classifies it by type.
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Noun1.file name - (computer science) the name given to a computer file in order to distinguish it from other files; may contain an extension that indicates the type of file
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
name - a language unit by which a person or thing is known; "his name really is George Washington"; "those are two names for the same thing"
file name extension, filename extension, extension - a string of characters beginning with a period and followed by one or more letters; the optional second part of a PC computer filename; "most applications provide extensions for the files they create"; "most BASIC files use the filename extension .BAS"
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For example, if you are looking for a file that contains an IRR calculation, but you can't remember the file name or the year you created that file, you can simply search for the phrase IRR.
"It features a female aged 12 to 14, which would correspond with the file name. She was naked throughout the video."
Like the infamous Windows 95/98 /con/con bug, by simply entering a file name with "$MFT" the file-system bug locks up Windows at best, or dumps it into a "blue screen of death" at worse.
For example, we could create a destination using a file name such as "Statement.pdf." Excel would look for this file in the same folder as the workbook that contains the hyperlink.
Your CV file name will be highly visible to recruiters and employers so it's vital it is professional.
POOR FILE NAMING Your CV file name will be highly visible to recruiters and employers so it's vital it is professional.
1) Our photos straight out of camera usually have four digits in the file name, from 0001 to 9999, then it cycles back to the first after reaching maximum.
Optional tests include multiple attachments (MA), certificate exchange messaging (CEM), file name preservation (FN), file name preservation for multiple attachments (FN-MA), file name preservation with MDN notification (FN-MDN), chunked transfer encoding (CTE), reliability, restart, and secure hashing algorithm 2 (SHA-2).
In other words, a file name that causes the bit to be set is considered too popular in the neighborhood to provide any helpful routing hint.