filet mignon

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fi·let mi·gnon

 (fĭ-lā′ mēn-yôN′, fĭl′ā)
n. pl. fi·lets mi·gnons (fĭ-lā′ mēn-yôN′, fĭl′ā)
A small, round, very choice cut of beef from the loin.

[French : filet, fillet + mignon, dainty.]

filet mignon

(ˈfɪleɪ ˈmiːnjɒn)
(Cookery) a small tender boneless cut of beef from the inside of the loin
[from French, literally: dainty fillet]

fi•let mi•gnon

(fɪˈleɪ mɪnˈyɒn, -ˈyɔ̃, ˈmɪn yɒn)

a small tender round of steak cut from the thick end of a beef tenderloin.
[1905–10; < French: dainty fillet]
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Noun1.filet mignon - small steak cut from the thick end of a beef tenderloin
filet, fillet - a boneless steak cut from the tenderloin of beef
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The opportunity to sip wines hand-picked by host vintners, dine on asparagus and lobster risotto and seared filet mignon from chef Frederick Morineau, and benefit worthy causes from the Asolo to Volunteer Services of Manatee County brought out an exuberant crowd.
This award-winning restaurant served its first meals in 1984 and rapidly became a favorite, especially for the steak--like filet mignon in mushroom sauce and lobsters.