filial love

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Noun1.filial love - the love of a child for a parent
love - a strong positive emotion of regard and affection; "his love for his work"; "children need a lot of love"
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But this counts for little among the green Martians, as parental and filial love is as unknown to them as it is common among us.
We have seen that Raoul had left at Blois another love in addition to filial love. But let us do him this justice -- if it had not been for chance and Mademoiselle de Montalais, two great temptations, Raoul, after delivering his message, would have galloped off towards his father's house, turning his head round, perhaps, but without stopping for a single instant, even if Louise had held out her arms to him.
"Friend- ship" was one; "Memories of Other Days"; "Religion in History"; "Dream Land"; "The Advantages of Culture"; "Forms of Political Government Compared and Contrasted"; "Melancholy"; "Filial Love"; "Heart Longings," etc., etc.
For two years our ancestors were kept in sullen submission by that filial love which had invariably secured their allegiance to the mother country, whether its head chanced to be a Parliament, Protector, or Popish Monarch.
When I mingled with other families I distinctly discerned how peculiarly fortunate my lot was, and gratitude assisted the development of filial love.
Yet these two noble and intelligent creatures, united by the indissoluble ties of maternal and filial love, had succeeded in tacitly understanding one another, and economizing their stores, and Albert had been able to tell his mother without extorting a change of countenance, -- "Mother, we have no more money."
"You cannot imagine, mother, how beautiful I think you!" said the young man, impressed with a profound feeling of filial love. "You are, indeed, the most beautiful and most noble woman I ever saw!"
He performed the ordinary parental duties rigidly and respectably enough; but he had apparently not cared to win all the filial love which his daughter would have bestowed on a more affectionate man.
There is also what the Bible mentions as Philia or Filial love, which is defined as a love of friends, family, and connectedness.
I have not heard of a court case in which a grown man wants to inherit anything from a pauper due to filial love.
'We remember, with sincere gratitude, the selfless service of our former shepherds, most especially the reverend Bishop Joseph Amangi Nacua, to welcome, embrace, and extend our filial love and support to our new Bishop, most reverend David William Valencia Antonio, to a deeper and more meaningful collaboration between the province of Isabela and Diocese of Ilagan, and to an ever-resolute desire to bring Christ's message of peace and love to all parts of the province and the country,' Dy said.