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 (fĭl′ə-fôrm′, fī′lə-)
Having the form of or resembling a thread or filament.

[Latin fīlum, thread; see gwhī- in Indo-European roots + -form.]
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(ˈfɪlɪˌfɔːm; ˈfaɪ-)
(Biology) biology having the form of a thread
[C18: from Latin fīlum thread]
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(ˈfɪl əˌfɔrm, ˈfaɪ lə-)

threadlike; filamentous.
[1750–60; < Latin fīl(um) a thread + -i- + -form]
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Adj.1.filiform - thin in diameter; resembling a thread
thin - of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section; "thin wire"; "a thin chiffon blouse"; "a thin book"; "a thin layer of paint"
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The second refers to the shapes of the kernels and some important shapes for the Fourier transform: Any motion blur kernel can be created from a filiform shape (movement of the camera) and a Gaussian (defocus).
Out of 200 cases, distribution of common warts were the common type with 106 cases (53%) followed by plantar warts 23 (11.5%), flat warts 22 (11%), genital warts 20 (10%), periungual warts 11 (5.5%), palmar warts 9 (4.5%), filiform warts 5 (2.5%), digitate warts (2%).
Antennae slightly thick and filiform, longer than 4/5 of the fore-wing.
In 2007, Khattar et al.7 conducted a similar study on a total of 44 patients with common warts, plane, filiform and mosaic warts.
The claim for the use of 'pre-anodising' or 'flash anodising' prior to powder coating is that it avoids the appearance of a type of corrosion known as filiform corrosion.
Histologically, it consists of slender filiform papillae lined by squamous cells exhibiting varying degrees of cellular atypia and some loss of polarity.
Pseudoparaphyses on lamella edge, 15-30 x 3-9 [mu]m, filiform, cylindroclavate, rare branched at apex, septate, hyaline (Fig.
Tentacular cirri filiform, thinner and longer than the dorsal cirri.
Palpal tibia with medial 'ledge' situated closely proximal to field of spinules, bearing brush of filiform setae (Figs.
The application of DN (thin filiform needles) employs different techniques, including but not limited to winding, several stabbings (pistonings) of the needle into the site, inserting the needle into the site for a certain amount of time and electrical dry needling (EDN).
This species of Dodecacius is immediately recognized by its pectinate antenna with 12 antennomeres with short rami on a hypognathous head, and slender legs with filiform tarsi.