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 (fĭl′ə-fôrm′, fī′lə-)
Having the form of or resembling a thread or filament.

[Latin fīlum, thread; see gwhī- in Indo-European roots + -form.]


(ˈfɪlɪˌfɔːm; ˈfaɪ-)
(Biology) biology having the form of a thread
[C18: from Latin fīlum thread]


(ˈfɪl əˌfɔrm, ˈfaɪ lə-)

threadlike; filamentous.
[1750–60; < Latin fīl(um) a thread + -i- + -form]
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Adj.1.filiform - thin in diameter; resembling a thread
thin - of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section; "thin wire"; "a thin chiffon blouse"; "a thin book"; "a thin layer of paint"
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The spermatozoa of Siboglinidae share a similar ground plan: they are filiform cells formed, in sequence, by a helical acrosome, an elongated coiled nucleus surrounded by a variable number of helical mitochondria, and by a long and simple flagellum (Rouse, 1999).
This presents as a sloughing of the filiform papillae because of the systemic inflammatory process and persistence of the fungiform papillae, which gives the appearance of strawberry "seeds.
Filiform warts (condyloma acuminata) are taller than they are wide.
bronchial Typically occur adenocarcinoma decades after chronic arsenic ingestion Idiopathic filiform Multiple thin spiny Breast, renal, colon, porokeratoses keratotic projections and lung cancer on palms and soles Keratosis punctata Discrete, sharply Dupuytren's of the palmar creases marginated, contracture, striate hyperkeratotic, keratoderma, knuckle conical, 1-5 mm pads depressions confined to flexural creases Hereditary keratoses Classic clinical Associations description Keratosis punctata Multiple 1-2 mm Longitudinal nail palmoplantaris punctate keratoses of dystrophy, lichen (type I), the palms and soles nitidus, ichthyosis, Buschke-Fischer-Brauer atopy, recalcitrant disease warts.
Anchored in disjointed concrete slabs, nine hundred filiform aluminum tubes bent into cumulatively chaotic or "accidental" patterns provide a spectacle suggestive less of some sudden impact than of a more general exertion of physical for ces--the succumbing of tensile strength to excessive stress, whether natural or man-made, instantaneous or prolonged.
Lateral blade morphology at the three sites varied in a consistent pattern and was related to axis length; most thalli initially developed spatulate lateral blades and then produced narrower, filiform laterals.
Specimens were considered juvenile if they had undeveloped sexual organs, filiform uteri, and no vitellogenic activity in their ovaries.
Classification of surface damages on sample, such as gravel impact, cross hatch, filiform corrosion and delamination is done in accordance with standards or the customer's specifications.
The classification of surface damages on the sample, such as gravel impact, cross hatch, filiform corrosion and delamination, is done in accordance with standards or customer specifications used for visual evaluation.
This may be accomplished by using a guide wire, filiform, or ureteral catheter.
Gypsum is found in clefts having abundant sulfide mineralization, as transparent, pale blue, curved, filiform crystals to 1 cm long.
One type, the filiform wart (a small, long, narrow growth around the face or in the armpits), is more common in older people, particularly those who are overweight.