fill up

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fill up

vb (adverb)
1. (tr) to complete (a form, application, etc)
2. to make or become completely full
the act of filling something completely, esp the petrol tank of a car
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Verb1.fill up - make full, also in a metaphorical sensefill up - make full, also in a metaphorical sense; "fill a container"; "fill the child with pride"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
clutter, clutter up - fill a space in a disorderly way
overload, clog - fill to excess so that function is impaired; "Fear clogged her mind"; "The story was clogged with too many details"
brim - fill as much as possible; "brim a cup to good fellowship"
farce, stuff - fill with a stuffing while cooking; "Have you stuffed the turkey yet?"
stuff - fill tightly with a material; "stuff a pillow with feathers"
bolster, pad - add padding to; "pad the seat of the chair"
populate - fill with inhabitants; "populate the forest with deer and wild boar for hunting"
top off - fill to the point of almost overflowing; "She topped off the cup"
heap - fill to overflow; "heap the platter with potatoes"
overfill - fill beyond capacity; "overfill the baskets"
ink - fill with ink; "ink a pen"
fill again, refill, replenish - fill something that had previously been emptied; "refill my glass, please"
prime - fill with priming liquid; "prime a car engine"
line - fill plentifully; "line one's pockets"
complete - bring to a whole, with all the necessary parts or elements; "A child would complete the family"
impregnate, saturate - infuse or fill completely; "Impregnate the cloth with alcohol"
impregnate, tincture, infuse, instill - fill, as with a certain quality; "The heavy traffic tinctures the air with carbon monoxide"
electrify - charge (a conductor) with electricity
lube, lubricate - apply a lubricant to; "lubricate my car"
surcharge - fill to an excessive degree; "The air was surcharged with tension"
load, load up, lade, laden - fill or place a load on; "load a car"; "load the truck with hay"
load, charge - provide (a device) with something necessary; "He loaded his gun carefully"; "load the camera"
deluge, flood, inundate, swamp - fill quickly beyond capacity; as with a liquid; "the basement was inundated after the storm"; "The images flooded his mind"
pack - fill to capacity; "This singer always packs the concert halls"; "The murder trial packed the court house"
2.fill up - become full; "The pool slowly filled with water"; "The theater filled up slowly"
change state, turn - undergo a transformation or a change of position or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The people turned against the President when he stole the election"
water - fill with tears; "His eyes were watering"
flood - become filled to overflowing; "Our basement flooded during the heavy rains"
rack up - supply a rack with feed for (horses or other animals)
3.fill up - fill or stop up; "Can you close the cracks with caulking?"
fill - plug with a substance; "fill a cavity"
seal - close with or as if with a seal; "She sealed the letter with hot wax"
plug, stop up, secure - fill or close tightly with or as if with a plug; "plug the hole"; "stop up the leak"
coapt, conglutinate - cause to adhere; "The wounds were coapted"
4.fill up - eat until one is sated; "He filled up on turkey"
eat - take in solid food; "She was eating a banana"; "What did you eat for dinner last night?"
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يَـمْلُأيَملأ الصِّهْريج، يَتَزَوَّد بالبَنْزين
fylde op
dol makdoldurmak
đổ đầy

w>fill up

(Aut) → (auf)tanken
(hall, barrel etc)sich füllen
vt sep
tank, cupvollfüllen; (driver)volltanken; holefüllen, stopfen; to fill something right upetw bis zum Rand (an)füllen; he filled the glass up to the brimer füllte das Glas randvoll; fill her up! (Aut inf) → volltanken bitte!; that pie has really filled me upich fühle mich wirklich voll nach dieser Pastete; you need something to fill you updu brauchst was Sättigendes
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(fil) verb
1. to put (something) into (until there is no room for more); to make full. to fill a cupboard with books; The news filled him with joy.
2. to become full. His eyes filled with tears.
3. to satisfy (a condition, requirement etc). Does he fill all our requirements?
4. to put something in a hole (in a tooth etc) to stop it up. The dentist filled two of my teeth yesterday.
as much as fills or satisfies someone. She ate her fill.
filled adjective
having been filled.
ˈfiller noun
1. a tool or instrument used for filling something, especially for conveying liquid into a bottle.
2. material used to fill cracks in a wall etc.
ˈfilling noun
anything used to fill. The filling has come out of my tooth; He put an orange filling in the cake.
ˈfilling-station noun
a place where petrol is sold.
fill in
1. to add or put in (whatever is needed to make something complete). to fill in the details.
2. to complete (forms, application etc) by putting in the information required. Have you filled in your tax form yet?
3. to give (someone) all the necessary information. I've been away – can you fill me in on what has happened?
4. to occupy (time). She had several cups of coffee at the cafeteria to fill in the time until the train left.
5. to do another person's job temporarily. I'm filling in for her secretary.
fill up
to make or become completely full. Fill up the petrol tank, please.
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fill up

يَـمْلُأ naplnit fylde op auffüllen γεμίζω llenar, llenar hasta el borde täyttää faire le plein napuniti colmare 記入する 채우다 opvullen fylle opp wypełnić completar, encher заполнять tanka เติมให้เต็ม doldurmak đổ đầy 填补
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