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(ˈfɪlɪstə) ,




1. (Building) Also called: fillister plane an adjustable plane for cutting rabbets, grooves, etc
2. (Building) Also called: sash fillister a rabbet or groove, esp one in a window sash bar for a pane of glass
[C19: of unknown origin]
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The planar reactor contained two hollow fillisters that were 205 mm long and 45 mm wide at the top and bottom fixtures, respectively.
The photoreactor contained two hollow fillisters at the top fixture and the bottom fixture, respectively.
A hundred years ago a carpenter's tool chest typically would have contained dozens of varieties of planes, and a typical hardware catalogue would list hundreds of varieties (astragals, fillisters, snipe bills, ogees, Grecian ovolos), each one adapted to a highly specialized purpose.