film maker

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: maker - a producer of motion picturesfilm maker - a producer of motion pictures  
auteur - a filmmaker who has a personal style and keeps creative control over his or her works
film director, director - the person who directs the making of a film
New Waver - a film maker who follows New Wave ideas
producer - someone who finds financing for and supervises the making and presentation of a show (play or film or program or similar work)
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As a film maker I'm responsible for shooting the scenes with perfection.
In order to benefit from the free entry to the Film Festival, the primary film maker must email nfo@workbenchproductions.
Is the current wave of a few overzealous producers taking exorbitant risks with their time and money, facing uncertainty of profits, sustainable in the future Is growth of cinemas the same thing as growth of film industry Do profits for cinema owners and distributors translate into profits for producers, actors and crew If we have to pick one then who would be more important for growth of film industry the cinema owner, the distributor or the film maker Is the present equation between the three optimal, equitable and sustainable Will it translate into a robust film industry Do we need a regulatory framework Are there regulatory frameworks in other countries But before we start seeking answers to these questions, let's ask the basic question.
Another called High Flyers shows the fantastic colours of a kite festival at St Annes in Lancashire, while film maker Stewart Gledhill will show his clip Down On The Farm, which chronicles his stay on a sheep farm in North Wales' Ceirog Valley.
If I had not become a film maker I would have been a painter or a writer.
3, 2010 (TAP)- Tunisia's film maker Salma Baccar will be a member of the jury of the 8th Mediterranean Short Film Festival of Tangiers, scheduled for next October 4-9.
The studio has been used by students and advert makers, but Ashley was the first film maker to use it, at the university's competitive rates.
The three overall winning schools will be offered a one-day workshop with a documentary or film maker and pounds 500 towards a museum visit.
They have also worked with a film maker to produce their own film so they have seen what a complex process it is.
Black Country film maker Natalie Ann Hinchley took third place.
Ten years ago, there was nowhere in the world a film maker wouldn't go, but this is no longer the case," said Chris Palmer, director of risk control for Aon.
A YOUNG film maker snapped up four prestigious awards for his anti-smoking production.